Ball-Lock Picnic Tap With PVC Beer Tubing

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Features a 4’ flexible clear hose made with FDA approved PVC tubing. Includes a German made threaded ball-lock fitting.

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Review by chet on 12/31/2016

difficult to clean without removing end and replacing clamp

Vinyl flavor in beer

Review by Michael on 4/24/2014

I feel the need to alert others to a potential issue with a vinyl flavor leaching into your beer from the tubing on this item, labeled "Foxx Superflex PVC Tubing". Two D21 taps ordered in December of 2013 were imparting an undrinkable vinyl flavor into the beer as it was poured, and when I switched them out for a different tap the flavor was not present. Williams customer service readily replaced the 2 taps in March 2014, however the new tubing still imparts a slight vinyl flavor when tested with cold water and a residence time of 30 sec. The flavor is persistent and is not something that disappears after an initial flush. Beware that this tubing could be a source of off-flavors in your beer.

What a mess!

Review by Jeffrey on 11/3/2013

Opened the fridge to draw a cold glass of brew from one of my two new Williams mini kegs. An awesome Red Ale from Williams. Not as good as the Brown Ale but still pretty darn good. The anticipation grows as my glass becomes full with a perfect pour. Anticipation turns to anger when the tap will not shut off. My awesome brew draining all over my beautiful hardwood floor as I scramble to stop this disaster! I know I could return the product and Williams would take care of it but it's hardly worth the effort for such an inexpensive item. So just beware if your thinking of trying this picnic tap. Test it thoroughly before putting yourself in a messy situation. William's Responds: Please email or call us at 800-759-6025 and we will take care of this right away!


Review by Martin on 4/15/2013

Was going to buy the individual pieces, but saw this. Great flexible hose.

Works great

Review by Brett on 1/26/2012

Works as advertised and at a decent price for getting the whole thing (tap, hose, connector).

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