Stainless Faucet Upgrade Lever

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This stainless steel faucet lever fits all beer faucets, and is a great upgrade for a brass beer faucet that currently has a brass lever. Convert to stainless steel, and have less brass (which can react with acid beer) in contact with your beer as it pours.

You may also need new washers to go on this lever to help it seal. See the links below for our white faucet ball washer and black faucet lever gasket (the two washers that seal this handle). In general, the black faucet lever gasket is the one that may need replacing, as the white nylon one lasts for years.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )


Review by Elijah on 11/16/2012

It was a perfect fit and feels much more study than the original brass one.

Nice brass replacement.

Review by Brian D. on 7/14/2008

Pros: Fit my taps perfect after I broke my brass lever.

Cons: None so far

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