Keg Land Machined Beer Ball Lock Threaded

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  • Part #KL09546
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Precision machined (not cast) from 304 stainless. For the beer side (usually marked OUT) of a ball-lock equipped keg. This fitting features a 1/4" male threaded flare fitting, to fit any 1/4" female threaded flare attachment. The black ring around the base indicates that it is a beer fitting (gas fittings are grey). These are the shortest ball lock disconnects we carry, and are only 2 1/8" tall. 

Note: These machined fittings fit KegLand kegs best, and are a bit too tight to fit some older kegs from other makers. So we recommend you get these if you want a high quality ball lock that is very short, and have all KegLand kegs, as they may not fit some other ball lock kegs. 

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