KegLand Stainless Flow Control Ball Lock

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Now improved for 2021:

• 20% more adjustment knob range allows for finer flow control

• New softer spring for the poppet allows for both easier connection to a keg and easier knob adjustment

• New softer spring for the securing ring also eases installation and removal

• New markings on adjustment knob make it easy to know if you are increasing or decreasing flow

This all stainless fitting features a ball lock beer side connection, a ¼" male flare threaded outlet, and adjustable flow control. Perfect for making keg mounted faucets where you do not have 4' of 3/16" interior diameter tubing to reduce foaming. Adjust the flow when it leaves the keg!

If you want to make a ball lock keg faucet, you will need to purchase this connector, plus our items I26 Faucet Adapter, X85 Nukatap Faucet, D87 Concave Washer, and a tap handle of your choice.  This disconnect is 3" tall.

Note: Due to variances in machining, these vary a bit as far as how much flow they constrict at a given turn of the knob. So if you have more than one, one may require a different amount of knob turning to achieve the same flow constricting result.  Also, these have a bit more restriction than normal wide open ball lock disconnects even when they are fully open, something to keep in mind.

These fit modern kegs only: If you have older USA made ball lock kegs, you will find this ball lock fitting does not fit as it is machined a bit tighter than the old standard. These fit KegLand, AEB, Old Ale,Torpedo, and other modern kegs, BUT DO NOT FIT OLDER CORNELIUS, SPARTANBURG, FIRESTONE, ALLOY PRODUCTS, AND OTHER OLD UNBRANDED KEGS.

Click to download cleaning instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 18 reviews )

Working Great for my Application!

Review by Marco on 8/2/2022

Keep in mind that I only use this for seltzer water. After over 10 years of carbonating one liter of water every day before dinner, I decided to spend some money and upgrade to a keg and tap. I learned a lot in the process, including the fact that the flow rate has to be limited to prevent losing all my fizz just from the pour. Being a mechanical engineer, I fully understand how long lengths of tubing will slow the flow, but I wanted something sleeker and read up on this device. It works great, although I have not yet pondered how it does what it does, but I also haven't compared it to using many feet of tubing. It is/was easy to attach to my keg posts. No issues at all with fit (the keg is brand new, so that might be why-- perhaps the OD standard changed over the years (?)). Machining work looks fine, especially for the price. No sharp edges. Overall I'm very pleased with it.

Must Have

Review by David K on 5/17/2022

Best for high carb mixed drinks in a keg. Adjust for a smoth flow from tap to glass.

Problems attaching?

Review by brian on 11/18/2021

I'm surprised there are no reviews on how impossible it is to get this attached to a keg. Tried 3 different ball locks and can't get it seated even with almost all my weight on it. William's Responds: This fits KegLand and other modern kegs, but can be a tight fit with some older models.

Very impress

Review by Allan on 11/18/2021

I was just gone through the first keg with this thing. It works well. I was pushing the beer out at 15 psi and have zero issues with foaming.

Restricts flow, allows for high carbonation.

Review by Makas on 6/18/2020

I've been fermenting cider for about a year now and started kegging about 6 months ago. With a picnic tap, I wasn't able to get anywhere near the carbonation level I wanted without losing most of it to foam and waiting for that foam to die down a few times in order to fill a pint. With this flow control ball-lock, I can dispense at high pressures with no problems. So far I have had no issues with leaks or otherwise on all three that I ordered. Also these have a nice etched + and - indication on the top of the thumb screw. They are a bit taller than plastic ball-lock connectors, so be sure you have a little extra space.

Aug 31, 2022 by Mike Jocelyn

Q: Do you have a replacement o ring that is between the Flare fitting and the base? It is 6mm id and 8mm od. I lost it when I disassembled for cleaning.

A: Sorry, we do not have any replacement parts for that item.

Apr 28, 2022 by Brian

Q: In regards to the note about fitting modern kegs only: is there a way to put modern posts on older kegs, in order to be able to use these? I have eleven kegs, all ball lock but of varying ages and sources... none of them younger than 15-20 years.

A: IF your kegs are all Cornelius brand (stamped Cornelius Company, Anoka MN on the front) with 19/32-18 threading on both the gas and beer side, our posts P53 and P55 would insure that the flow control fits. If they are other brands or with different threadings, probably not.

May 11, 2021 by Timmer

Q: Any update on when these might be back in stock?

A: It could be August or September, we are not sure.

Mar 17, 2021 by Nathan G

Q: Are these the First or Second Generation flow control QDs?

A: They are the second generation.

Nov 28, 2020 by Jesse

Q: Will these be back in stock? If so is there an ETA? Thanks

A: We don't know. It could be as early as March of 2021, or quite a bit later.

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