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The Wine Saver from Brewer’s Edge® is a precise C02 regulator with a long stainless nozzle, perfect for extending the life of half open bottles of wine. Also handy for displacing oxidizing headspace air when transferring wine or beer to a secondary, or when kegging. Uses threaded 16 and 74 gram C02 cartridges (one 16 gram cartridge included). Not for use with high pressure argon or nitrogen cartridges.

To use, insert the nozzle into a half full bottle of wine, and spray C02 for one second to perge the oxygen. Also very useful to purge oxidizing oxygen from the headspace of secondary fermenters, and to purge oxygen from just filled kegs.

NOTICE: No Alaska, Hawaii, Postal, or air shipment due to the hazardous classification of C02 cartridges.
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