High Flow Spigot

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This high flow valve will transfer 1 gallon in 43 seconds, and features a lock on tap that dissassembles for easy cleaning. You have a choice of locking on the tap (handy when you have a 1/2" Bottle Filler attached) or using the spring loaded handle as a momentary on off valve.  Fits a 1” diameter hole, which means it also retrofits to many existing fermenters out there, including Vintage Shop ported carboys, Vintage Shop FerMonsters, and William's Brewing Siphonless and Priming Tanks (although the E47 Invert Tube Backnut on our Siphonless does not fit this valve). Includes pictured gasket and plain white backnut. Withstands temperatures of up to 150º F.

 To install this in your bucket, first drill a 1” hole with a holesaw.  Put the white gasket on the valve first, so it is on the outside of the tank, not the inside when finished.

These feature an included clear acrylic hose barb to accept 1/2" interior diameter tubing.  You can also fit our item E98 1/2" Bottle Filler to the end of the valve (see middle thumbnail picture above) to make an automatic bottling valve for a bottling bucket. Made  in Canada.

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