4 Feet Of 3/8" Transfer Tubing

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Flexible clear vinyl food grade tubing with a 3/8" interior diameter (1/2" outer diameter). Fits our Transfer Valve, Wort Chiller, all our siphon tubes, bottle fillers, and more. This is a precut 4' section.

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Good tubing, but a bit large

Review by Thomas on 5/23/2014

This is good tubing at a good price, but be aware you'll need a hose clamp to make it work. I purchased a section of tubing when I bought a second auto-siphon (the small size, suited for one-gallon fermenters). The tube slid on to the cane and bottling wand loosly, but I figured it was still fine. However, when I tried to bottle, I was unable to maintain suction due to the tubing being too lose. I tried to fix it with copious amounts of masking tape, but this didn't work and I ended up needing to get help, with one of us constantly pumping and the other handling the bottle end. In the end, I stirred up a lot of the yeast, hops, and other sediment on the bottom of the fermenter and ended up with a less-than-ideal bottling job. My plan is to get a small hose clamp to securely fasten this tubing to the siphon for future use. On the positive side, it is MUCH easier to remove this tube from equipment. I would have used the tube from my larger siphon, but I couldn't remove it(!).


Review by Charlie on 2/28/2017

Description says flexible , anything but flexible , very difficult to attach .

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