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The Brewer’s Edge Fermentation Space Heater is specially designed for use with the Keg King Dual Controller, Uni-Stat, Mash Heat Control (or other precision heating thermostat) to heat the inside of a refrigerator or other small (25 cubic foot or less) insulated area. This flexible 1/8” thick vinyl heater features an self-adhesive back, so it can be permanently mounted on an interior wall of a refrigerator, without taking up any usable space in the refrigerator. During the Summer, just leave it affixed to the refrigerator without plugging it in.

The Fermentation Space Heater draws only 25 watts of power, yet is powerful enough to keep a small enclosed insulated area (25 cubic feet or less) 20° warmer than the surrounding air. This means you can, with the heater plugged into the Controller II, precisely heat a closed refrigerator, freezer, or other small insulated area. Even if your refrigerator is in an unheated garage that gets down to 42°F. during the winter, you can still brew an ale that requires a 60° - 65° fermentation temperature. This heater is not an immersion heater, and is not intended to be installed on or under a fermenter. 8” by 12” in diameter, with a 6’ power cord.

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Awesome heater!

Review by MARK B. on 12/14/2005

Pros: You cannot find a better way to control your fermentation temp than using a digital controller with a probe that is in the fermentor. I use one of these Brewer's Edge heaters in a 13.7 cu.ft. freezer and it has no problem keeping the temp into the lower 70's (I haven't tried it any higher) during the winter where my basement gets into the low 40's. I have two freezer&conacle setups. Thw first one I put together I used a different type of space heater which I am replacing with one of these Brewer's Edge's. These mount real nice, the other type I taped on. I've been using it for over a year. It has a great adhesive backing and sticks to the freezer wall very well. Nice construction, will last a long time. -Mark 7NUNS

Cons: None.

Very nice heater for ferm cavity

Review by weakmank on 2/17/2006

Pros: I have had this heater going on about 6 years now. I have it inside of my ferm. fridge along with a temperature controller. Very satisfied with with product. Price is almost the same as it was 6 yrs. ago. Mine is in use as I write.

Cons: None.

Works great!

Review by John K. on 5/10/2010

Pros: I purchased this to use in one of my fridges during the winter - since the fridge is the garage, it gets cold in there. I had been using an old heating pad, but this works better, especially since it adheres to the wall of the fridge. I hooked it up to a Brewer's Edge Controller to maintain a consistent temperature of my choosing.

Excellent little heater for smaller space

Review by Ubermick on 5/12/2010

Pros: This little guy takes up zero space in my fermentation chamber, which is about 7 cubic feet, and holds a Sanke that I ferment in. It takes a little while to get the chamber up to temp, but for it's size I'm amazed at how well it does. Really happy with the way it performs. Great product, especially for the price.

Cons: Absolutely none.

Better than expected

Review by Rob on 1/20/2012

I'm using this to heat a 7.0 cf freezer that I'm using as a fermentation chamber. I added a collar to provide extra clearance for my conical fermenter, so it's probably closer to 11.0 cf now. Anyway, it's in an unheated garage and even though the outside temps dipped into the high teens and low 20's, I was able to maintain ferm temps of around 68F. So I'd say this heater works even better than advertised. I also like that it takes up zero space. That might not be a big deal for those with larger ferm chambers, but when you're using a 7.0 cf freezer it's nice not to have a bulky heater taking up space.

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Apr 10, 2019 by Wyatt

Q: Can I use this heating pad to put around my 15g Keg mash tun. It is insulated but still drops heat.

A: You could do that, but the heat will be very localized. The heat pad works better at heating up a confined space by attaching it to the wall of the enclosure heating the surrounding air and not the fermentation vessel directly.

Jul 31, 2018 by Bryant

Q: Thank you! Can it just be placed in between the silicone cover and fermentor without sticking it to the fermentor?

A: This should work, as long as the silicone cover can withstand temperatures of 140 F.

Jul 30, 2018 by Bryant

Q: What are the dimensions? Can this be attached to a conical fermenter with a silicone jacket covering? Like what is offered by Spike and Ssbrewtech?

A: This is 8 x 12 inches. It will stick to the fermenter but can not get wet. It will be difficult to remove once stuck.

Sep 06, 2017 by jason

Q: can i use 2 or 3 of them in a large fermentation cabinet around 40cf

A: Yes, two may be enough to heat it well, but you can add a third if need be.

Dec 10, 2016 by Mountaineer84

Q: Does this require a metal backing? Can I use this on the side of my outside cat house for warmth in the winter?

A: It can be affixed to plastic or wood, and does not require a metal backing. It is not rated for outdoor use, so do not expose to the weather. When fully heated, it is very warm, but safe to touch.

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