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The Brewer’s Edge Fermentation Space Heater is specially designed for use with the Keg King Dual Controller, Uni-Stat, Mash Heat Control (or other precision heating thermostat) to heat the inside of a refrigerator or other small (25 cubic foot or less) insulated area. This flexible 1/8” thick vinyl heater features an self-adhesive back, so it can be permanently mounted on an interior wall of a refrigerator, without taking up any usable space in the refrigerator. During the Summer, just leave it affixed to the refrigerator without plugging it in.

The Fermentation Space Heater draws only 25 watts of power, yet is powerful enough to keep a small enclosed insulated area (25 cubic feet or less) 20° warmer than the surrounding air. This means you can, with the heater plugged into the Controller II, precisely heat a closed refrigerator, freezer, or other small insulated area. Even if your refrigerator is in an unheated garage that gets down to 42°F. during the winter, you can still brew an ale that requires a 60° - 65° fermentation temperature. This heater is not an immersion heater, and is not intended to be installed on or under a fermenter. 8” by 12” in diameter, with a 6’ power cord.

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Great heating pad

Review by Nicholas on 3/21/2018

I received a non-working chest freezer that I wanted to use as a fermentation chamber during the colder months. I already had a temperature control unit; I just needed a heating pad. This pad has been doing a great job to keep my temps right where I need them to be. I would not hesitate to purchase another one of these space heaters, if needed.

Great Product

Review by Jason on 2/12/2018

I use this product in a standard refrigerator that I am utilizing for a Fermentation chamber. It works great. Easy to use. Would highly recommend this product.

Keeping the yeasties happy!

Review by Mike on 12/7/2017

I have been using this unit for a short time, and so far, it is performing better than anticipated. I have it placed vertically at the bottom of the compressor compartment of my freezer. I have been fermenting 11 gal in a 13.5 gal fermentor (found here at Williams Brewing). My freezer is outside in the garage and it has been getting to as low as 20 degrees outside at night. I figure the inside of the garage is probably around 40 degrees, the heater is keeping my fermentor at 71 degrees with no problems, in fact it switches off regularly because it has reached the target temp! I have to imagine that all 750 billion yeast cells (give or take a few) are pretty happy!

Works Great

Review by Phillip on 8/14/2017

My chest freezer is not quite large enough for 2 carboys at a time so this doesn't sit too close to it. In combo with my Inkbird dual temp controller, it works great and provides perfect amounts of heat to help maintain the temp inside the chest freezer.

Brewers edge space heater

Review by P B on 1/10/2017

I use this for my fermentation chamber that I made out of a small chest freezer. The temps in my house in the winter keep falling below my target temperatures, and rather than heat the house excessively while I'm gone during the day, I bought this to place inside the chest freezer to keep that smaller space a more regulated temperature, and I have found this to be an incredible product! Just like the description says it does not heat excessively, has a very low power output, which gently warms the space to keep it at the target temperature, and won't damage the side of the freezer. Since I it adheres to the wall, you don't lose any space.

Apr 10, 2019 by Wyatt

Q: Can I use this heating pad to put around my 15g Keg mash tun. It is insulated but still drops heat.

A: You could do that, but the heat will be very localized. The heat pad works better at heating up a confined space by attaching it to the wall of the enclosure heating the surrounding air and not the fermentation vessel directly.

Jul 31, 2018 by Bryant

Q: Thank you! Can it just be placed in between the silicone cover and fermentor without sticking it to the fermentor?

A: This should work, as long as the silicone cover can withstand temperatures of 140 F.

Jul 30, 2018 by Bryant

Q: What are the dimensions? Can this be attached to a conical fermenter with a silicone jacket covering? Like what is offered by Spike and Ssbrewtech?

A: This is 8 x 12 inches. It will stick to the fermenter but can not get wet. It will be difficult to remove once stuck.

Sep 06, 2017 by jason

Q: can i use 2 or 3 of them in a large fermentation cabinet around 40cf

A: Yes, two may be enough to heat it well, but you can add a third if need be.

Dec 10, 2016 by Mountaineer84

Q: Does this require a metal backing? Can I use this on the side of my outside cat house for warmth in the winter?

A: It can be affixed to plastic or wood, and does not require a metal backing. It is not rated for outdoor use, so do not expose to the weather. When fully heated, it is very warm, but safe to touch.

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