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Fits our 1 1/2" (mouth opening) E71 1000 ml Yeast Starter Bottle. Drilled for a standard airlock.
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Severe rubber aroma

Review by Jeffrey R on 3/15/2012

I purchased 2 of these, and they have a severe rubber aroma that has persisted despite soaking then in vodka for several weeks 3 times, and running them through the dishwasher in between. I'm nervous they will impart this aroma into my beer, giving it the character of a heavily-peated scotch.


Review by Kirinjin on 11/26/2008

Pros: Whitbread is a solid workhorse strain. I've used it for two types of stout, and could see it being great for just about any English style. The first time I used it, I grossly under-pitched an oatmeal stout (just one activator pack in a 1.60, 5 gallon brew...long story), and it still started fermenting within 12 hours, and finished completely in 4 days (although I left it in the primary for 4 weeks to condition). Flocculation is very high, making it easy to take cake samples to start starters. I've only done stouts with it, but this would not require filtration in a lighter brew. Whitbread is well-behaved, in the sense that it doesn't blow off airlocks or "boil over." Regarding Miles' comments: pop the inner sack, shake periodically over 8-12 hours, then use the slurry to inoculate a starter. There's nothing wrong with the Wyeast system in my eyes, and my experience with their strains has been first rate thus far.

Cons: None.

Cons: This stopper does not fit the 1000ml erlenmeyer flask. Maybe the 2000, but you'll need a 7, 7.5, or 8 to fit the 1000, with a 1 3/8" opening.

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