William's 6 Gallon Bucket

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This 6 gallon food grade translucent HDPE bucket has a multitude of uses. Use it as a fermentor, priming tank, holding tank, cooling tank for a cooling coil, or grape bucket. Includes 1 to 5 gallon markers.  Order items E97 Lid, E60 Stopper, and E01 Airlock to give this bucket an airtight fermenting lid.

17” high, 13” deep. Withstands temperatures of up to 170° F.

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Best Beer Bucket

Review by Garron on 3/28/2022

First, it has a picture of a bear drinking beer on it - that's 5 stars alone. The optional lid is easier to take off then most brew buckets and the optional stopper is made from a softer rubber which creates a better seal.

Apr 07, 2021 by Dave

Q: Can this handle hot wort for an overnight cool?

A: These buckets can only withstand temperatures up to 170°F or 77°C. If you want to let your wort cool overnight, you should leave it in a covered brew kettle. The sooner you can pitch your yeast the better. We recommend using a wort chiller to quickly get your wort down to pitching temperature and avoid contamination by wild yeasts or bacteria.

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