Siphonless Lid Sealing O Ring

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This food grade silicone rubber O ring is custom-designed to slip into the plastic lid on  Siphonless Fermenter sold before 2020.  This does not fit our latest Siphonless Fermenter, sold from December 2020 and on.

This will provide an airtight seal so the airlock bubbles even during the least vigorous fermentations.

This food grade O ring fits in loosely, and can easily be removed for cleaning. This is not required for a successful ferment (beer will not spoil if you do not use this O ring), although it is recommended for those who use the airlock as a primary fermentation indicator.

Average rating 6 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Seals very tightly

Review by David on 6/5/2012

Fits well and seals the lid REALLY tight. My biggest problem was the first batch I brewed after installing this had a rapid start with a huge krausen. Krasuen clogged the airlock and the lid on the fermentor popped. Two complaints: 1. When the lid popped the o-ring partially fell out of the lid. No way to put it back without completely removing the lid, which I won't risk during a fermentation. 2. Why wasn't this included with these tanks originally? Might have been a good idea to send recent purchasers an o-ring for free.

Great Gasket...It works!

Review by albert on 6/5/2012

The two siphonless fermenters I use just didn't seal properly. Never saw any action through the air lock. Until now. The new gaskets are great. First time I actually got to see the fermentation airlocks working. Probably no direct correlation, but the attenuation of the first batch with the lid gasket in place was greater than previous batches without the gasket. Well worth the four bucks.

new lid and O ring

Review by Pete on 9/21/2012

I have a William's fermenter tank and a priming tank I bought over 15 years ago. I thought it was time to replace them so I ordered new ones from Williams. The new ones are cheap, flimsy and shoddy. The red O ring does not and will not seal properly. The first batch of beer I fermented I racked over after 6 days to allow it to work another 8. The lid did not seal and the airlock did not bubble. I thought the yeast had died so I started to bottle it. When I realized it was still working it was too late to put it back into the fermenter because I had added the priming sugar. I have been home brewing for over 20 years. This new equipment is worthless compared to my old equipment. I may have to just write off the $55 plus shipping and use my old equipment. This is the first time Williams has let me down. Why the shoddy, cheap junk? I would have paid more for good quality.

flimsy flimsy flimsy

Review by Bryan on 3/1/2013

I received this with the kit that I purchased & figured this would be something worth having…Wrong! The o-ring is such a pain in the butt when sealing. If you don’t do it fast enough it falls out, if you do it too slow it falls out, if you don’t do it just right when closing it, one part slips out. Headache, but what you going to do when this is all you have?

Do not buy

Review by Edward on 9/3/2013

This thing, as others have noted, is just a pain in the you know what. Its not worth it. The lid on its own seals just fine, and meanwhile the stupid o-ring does not actually fit the lid, such that it invariably falls into your nice cooled wort, necessitating a fishing expedition. I cannot imagine ever using this again, as the bucket will work fine as a primary fermenter without the o-ring. You shouldn't be relying on "bubble-rate" to determine when to rack to secondary or priming tank anyway. Take home: do not buy. Just dont. Spend the $4 on an ounce or two of hops, you'll be glad you did.

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Sep 09, 2020 by Pete

Q: What is the diameter of this O ring ?

A: 11.5 inches.

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