Grainfather Conical Coat

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The Conical Fermenter Coat is an insulating jacket ideal for humid climates that experience high condensation rates when using the Grainfather Conical in conjuction with a glycol chiller or cooling pump kit.

Made of 5mm thick SBR foam for excellent insulation. Covers both the main body and has a separate section for the lower cone.

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Review by Britt Juliff on 7/3/2020

This is a great product. I've been fermenting in kegs. I mostly brew lagers, and try to avoid oxidation. The problem with kegs is there is little head space, you can't see the krausen, and it is hard to get readings from a Tilt hydrometer. This low profile All Rounder solves all my problems and fits in my fermentation freezer. I harvest the yeast after fermentation by just dumping it out (which is also difficult with a keg). If you have leaks, make sure and loosen the handles, loosen the lid and use lube on the lid seal. The plastic ball locks need to be hand tight plus a half a turn with a wrench. There is a wrench fitting on top of the ball lock post.

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