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Optional FastFerment Accessories

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In addition to the optional pictured stand above, the FastFerment comes with two wall mounting brackets, which are mounted to studs in your wall that are 16" apart. You will need to drill holes in your wall for the four 2½" lag screws to mount the steel hanging brackets if you choose to use them. This is ideal if you have your own brewshed or brew in the garage or somwhere where permanently mounting something to your house walls is acceptable. 

The FastFerment unit itself with collection ball attached is 33" tall (not including the airlock) an 14" wide. When placed on the FastFerment Stand, it is 35" tall not including the airlock. In addition to a collection ball, a transfer hose with shut off clamp is provided for transferring into a keg or priming container.  Total capacity is 7.9 gallons.

Optional accessories besides the stand include extra Collection Balls, so you can harvest yeast, and a Sample Port, for taking partially fermented samples.  Made in U.S.A

Note: Shown above with optional stand which is available at time of purchase.


  Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 8.75 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Great Alternative to Buckets

Review by James M. on 9/16/2015

Having seen some mixed reviews I was hesitant to order this but took the plunge and having finished my first batch am glad I did. The unit was easily assembled - frankly if you need the directions you probably shouldn't be home brewing - and after a complete leak test with sanitizing solution I put it in service. It was great to simply unscrew the collection bottle after both primary and secondary fermentation were complete. Not having to transfer the beer was a huge plus. The finished beer was quite clear as the conical shape allowed most if not all the sediment to be eliminated. I bought the stand also which works well, but I am working on constructing a frame from 2x4's that I believe will work as well. I rated the product a 4 only because cleaning is a bit of a challenge due to the shape. You also have to retape the threads after each use. While I eventually plan on upgrading to a steel conical fermenter, this unit is a great start at a fraction of the cost.

Awesome Idea

Review by Chester on 5/23/2016

I saw, researched, and ultimately purchased the FastFerment system. It is a nice, compact, all plastic (HDPE) unit that is perfectly sized for a 5-gallon batch. I had only a very small issue w. the sealing surface of the main canister and contacted the boys directly. They immediately resolved the issue for me showing me that they stand behind their products and are worthy of our business which is great to see these days. This design of this unit eliminates a lot of time-wasting intermediate beer handling steps which is very cool... The unit cleans very easily using soap and water and then any standard sanitizer. Check out their on-line videos in order to give you a great look at their product, its assembly, and usage... I highly recommend the product to any home brewer.

Very Professional

Review by Greg W. on 6/4/2016

Just got my kit - very professional packaging and parts. Nice to have the teflon tape included so there is nothing you need to add or buy. Maybe the hose was a little short but easy enough to get a longer one if needed. Friend and I put together in no time while brewing our first batch. Sitting in my basement now fermenting away. Can't wait to change the bulb and marvel that I don't have to use a second carboy. Just one hiccup and my fault really for not thoroughly reading the directions. The grommet that holds and seals the airlock in the predrilled hole in the screw top was packaged with the nuts and bolts and since I didn't use the brackets, I thought it was missing so I cut up the extra gasket and used that instead. Found the grommet after and now I have no complaints :).


Review by Royce on 10/9/2016

Excellent product. Very well made, heavy plastic with quality attachments. Instructions complete and easy to follow. Only problem I had was getting the thermometer well thread started correctly. Took several attempts but once started there was no problem. Item came double boxed, nothing missing. Highly recommended over buckets and carboys. Update: I had a chance to bottle right out of the Fastferment. Very nice to be able to bottle and not have to lift a carboy onto the countertop. The larger diameter tube made filling wine bottles much faster. Called the 800 number that came with the directions and got a live person first try!!!! Excellent service on a great product. Buy the floor stand also. It comes in handy for cleaning.

Excellent, affordable Conical

Review by Will H. on 3/13/2017

Just finished my first fermentation with the Fast Ferment, and I'm very happy with it. Construction quality seems fine to me - a little bit of plastic "webbing" on the threads, but this was easily cleaned up with a butter knife. I had a little trouble getting the thermowell threads aligned properly when installing it, but once I did, it went in perfectly without any leaking. I did run into a snag removing the collection ball after primary fermentation. The union nut was very tight (probably my fault) - so when I unscrewed it, the inner portion of the ball valve came loose too, which resulted in the valve leaking. Luckily, the valve didn't completely come apart, and I was able to tighten it back up without losing too much beer. I suggest verifying that the ball valve is tightly assembled before you install it, and be careful not to over-tighten the union when installing the collection ball. Overall, I think this is great fermenter. Way easier than than buckets and carboys!

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Feb 03, 2017 by Larry

Q: What is the capacity of this fermenter?

A: 7.9 Gallon Capacity

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