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This 8 gallon food grade bucket includes a threaded hole for valve Z21, and includes gallon markers and sturdy plastic handles. The lid is easy to install and remove. Includes a lid with airlock grommet, airlock, and valve that fits 1/2" interior diameter tubing.  

Note that our E39 Valve does not fit this fermenter.

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Not good

Review by William Barnes on 2/15/2020

Very disappointed. Bucket is flimsy and does not feel like it will break if I put a 5 gallon batch in it. The spigot does not fit standard tubing and I had to drill the hole for it. The old William's siphon-less was far better. William's Responds: You received a fermenter that was not drilled which was a mistake, as we missed a few. They are all now drilled, and the spigot fits 1/2" inner diameter tubing. Sorry for the problem with this.

Easy to use, works great, nice and sturdy.

Review by Jason Koplin on 4/22/2020

These fermenters work great. No issues. Not flimsy I have 6 and all work great.

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Aug 12, 2020 by Chris

Q: What is the procedure for attaching and opening up the value included with the fermenter? Installedb the value but there is no opening rom the inside to let Mash out through the value.

A: It sounds like your fermenter needs to be drilled. You will need a 7/8" hole saw. Make sure to center the hole saw carefully to avoid wrecking the threads.

Sep 30, 2019 by Dave

Q: What are the dimensions of this fermenter?

A: This fermenter is tapered. It is 16.5" tall 15" wide at the top and 12.25" at the bottom.

Sep 23, 2019 by Bill

Q: Is the valve assembly the same as on your siphonless fermenter?

A: No, it has different threads

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