14.5 Gallon Fermenator With Tri-Clamp Valves (Actual Cost Shipping Item)

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Fermenator all-stainless steel conical fermenters eliminate the need to transfer beer or wine from a primary to a secondary. You can dump trub and yeast sediment without transferring the beer, easily sample the wort, harvest yeast, and, unlike simple conicals, the rotating racking arm lets you siphon out completely sediment free beer.

The Fermenator features a completely smooth, weld-free interior that eliminates the possibility of welding cracks or pits harboring bacteria. The leg mounting bolts are welded to the outside of the cone, with an exclusive welding process that leaves no trace on the smooth interior. In addition, the Fermenator features weld-free removable stainless steel fittings and sanitary Tri-Clamp (tri-clover type) valves, sealed by an easily replaceable O ring (several spares included). Unlike welded-on fittings, all parts can be removed and soaked in iodophor sanitizer between batches for a very thorough cleaning. The Tri-Clamp valves feature an easier to clean interior than standard ball valves, and stainless nipples with sealing disks for sanitation.

The Fermenator features a sturdy stainless lid with a seal that withstands up to 3 psi for C02 pumping of the beer, very handy when you want to get your beer out of a chest freezer. The lid is solid stainless steel, with a secure silicone sealing gasket, and adjustable lid tension for positive sealing. The lid features an airlock hole that fits a #7 stopper (airlock and stopper included). An exclusive access hatch is also included in the lid, letting you add dry hops, finings, or fruit without removing the entire cover.

Optional leg extensions allow you to elevate the Fermenator for easy keg filling. The standard legs feature plastic pads to avoid scratching counter tops and refrigerators. The exclusive low profile Fermentor design avoids unnecessary protrusions, and is made to fit in standard refrigerators easily. See the dimensions below to see how much refrigerator space you will need. Get a spare refrigerator and a Williams Controller to make a temperature-controlled fermenter at an economical price.

We believe the Fermenator offers the best value in a no-compromise, high quality conical fermenter. Everything needed is included, and all components are of food grade stainless steel.  Stainless hose barbs are included with the Tri-Clamp valves for attaching 1/2" interior diameter tubing.  This 14.5 gallon model will fit into a refrigerator or freezer that is 24" wide, 20" deep, and 37" tall.

*DROP SHIPPING: Fermenators ship via ground shipping to the 50 states only.  Allow 3 weeks for delivery, as these are shipped direct from the manufacturer. No air shipment. A signature is required upon delivery, please provide an address where a signature can be obtained.

This shows a closeup of the included Tri-Clamp valves with barbs and sanitary sealing ports. Tri-Clamp valves are easier to sanitize than standard ball valves. Note that Tri-Clamp valves cannot be retrofitted to Fermenators originally supplied with ball valves.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

14.5 fermenter

Review by GARY Soares. on 3/21/2008

Pros: Very easy to use,I have had this fermenter for over 2 1/2 years. I have fermented batches fron 5 gallons to 14 with no problems. Also great for havesting the yeast, you can add CO2 to the air lock port and push the brew through a filter into a bottleing tank, before the actual botteling. And all in one fermenter.

Cons: If your fermenting larger than 10 gallons its a little on the heavy side. You may want to get help moving it. I came up with the idea to add casters to the legs years ago, and now I notice that you can purchase them and they bolt on.

Makes Homebrewing Much Easier

Review by Daniel S. on 7/18/2008

Pros: I bought one of these after brewing one batch in a glass carboy. Imagine never having to rack to secondary again, never use a racking cane to fill your bottling bucket again, simple cold-break removal, easy yeast harvesting, easy cleaning (no more stupid carboy brushes), and a great racking arm that helps you get nice beer into your bottling bucket with no trub. If you're into kegging, you can transfer to a keg right from the fermenter in one step. You never have to worry about light getting in. I put mine on 3 stacks of bricks to get it high enough off the floor. I also put a fermwrap on it with a temperature controller. I'd buy this thing again in a heartbeat.

Cons: I honestly can't think of anything I'd change about this beauty. It even comes with fold-out handles so you can move it easier.

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