500 ml Full Aperture Aluminum Cans & Lids (case of 207)

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This is a box of 207 cans and matching size 202 lids. These have been packed in sanitary conditions, however due to the nature of the product we would recommend that you rinse before use. These feature full aperture pop off lids, which means they can be used for canning everything from beer to pickles. The full aperture lid, once removed, also makes drinking from a can more like drinking from a glass. These fit the Cannular Canning machine without any adjustment. These are 500 ml which translates to 16.9 fluid ounces.

DENTS IN TRANSIT It is expected that you get up to 5% of the cans with dents in transit or damage in transit so please factor that into the purchase when you buy these cans. Unless you pick will call on checkout and pick these up at our San Leandro warehouse to avoid freight damage please expect that some cans might be dented or damaged.

For a can specification sheet, click HERE

Jan 07, 2021 by Joe Sanders

Q: Do these cans work with an Oktober Brand Canner?

A: Our cans all have a type 202 lid. If you have a 202 lid die for the canner it should work.

Oct 20, 2020 by Nick

Q: Is there guidance somewhere on how to can/preserve other food products with this like it says in the description? I'm really interested in that for some soup options as well, but can't seem to find further guidance.

A: We do not have any but it should be the same as glass containers, as aluminum can be heated to sanitize before adding food products.

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