Ferrari Bottle Tree

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Beer and wine bottles tend to invade kitchens and become moldy if not properly stored. Our Italian made rotating Bottle Tree features pegs to hold 90 beer or wine bottles in the proper inverted draining position, each peg slotted to allow ample air circulation for fast drying. This tree will hold beer bottles as large as 22 oz., and wine bottles as large as 750 ml.

 Stores 90 bottles in only 18 square inches of floor space. Made in Italy by Ferrari (not related to the car company!)

This product is modular, so you do not have to use all 10 sections for a capacity of 90 bottles. For example, you could use only 5 sections for a smaller tree with a capacity of 50 bottles.

Average rating 9.75 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )


Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

This works great! I went to Harbor Junk ( Freight ) and bought some small caster wheels and mounted them to a 15"x 15" ply wood and its even better. It does what it advertises!

Great bottle tree

Review by James on 10/22/2011

Great for bottling , useful for keeping everything neat and in one place on bottling day. One note, ensure you have a good storage location for it as it does take up a bit of space when it comes time to store it.

bottle tree

Review by Scott H. on 9/5/2011

All I do is bottle my beer,I have no kegs. I do a 100gals of beer a year.Two things that I will always have are a bottle sanitizer and a bottle tree. The bottle tree is great for taking the bottles out to sanitize in bleach water [60] at a time , as well as putting the bottles right by the bottling bucket when filling.

Bottle Tree

Review by Megan on 2/14/2010

Pros: Great for holding lots of bottle. Great way to store bottles out of the way! A must have for a home brewer.

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