81 Bottle Tree With Handle

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Beer and wine bottles tend to invade kitchens and become moldy if not properly stored. Our 81 Bottle Tree with Handle features pegs to hold 81 beer or wine bottles in the proper inverted draining position, each peg slotted to allow ample air circulation for fast drying. This tree will hold beer bottles as large as 22 oz, and wine bottles as large as 750ml.

Stores 81 bottles in only 21 square inches of floor space. The handle makes it easy to move around. All parts screw together to make it sturdy enough to lift when full. 16" wide, 28" tall. Made in Italy.

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81 Bottle Tree with Handle

Review by Bob Billings on 3/26/2015

Wow, how did I ever live without this great item. Fully loaded you can still pick up the tree and move it if your careful. Well made product.

Very Handy

Review by Tim on 9/2/2013

now and is holding up very well. I find it is very easy to clean by breaking it down and running it through the dishwasher. I generally turn off the dry cycle to do this. 81 bottles seems like a lot for a typical 5 gallon batch of beer, but the extra size comes in very handy. This is a product I would not want to go without if you bottle your batches.

Don't Bottle at Home Without it.

Review by RobJ on 3/23/2013

The tree makes bottling day much easier. It's nice to have the counter space available and storage of this tree is simple and easy.

Great Bottle Tree!!!!!!

Review by Scot on 11/8/2012

Wish we would have picked this up a long time ago...It's great for most size bottles wine or beer. Would diffently recommend this to everyone involved in home brewing!!!

Good value

Review by Jerry on 6/28/2012

I have the 45 bottle tree and bought this one that has removable pegs that work on both trees. I removed some pegs and put them on my smaller tree so they both are the same height. I use these to dry and store my empties. I run my bottles through the dishwasher before bottling. I put these trees in Star San before I return the bottles out of the dishwasher to them. I find that even though I prefer to keg these make bottle storage and bottling much easier. They are such a good value that I highly recommend them.

Sep 07, 2018 by AL Arsenault

Q: Does this tree allow for the optional bottle cleaner to sit on top?

A: No

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