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What is a BeerGun? It is an easy way to fill beer bottles with sediment-free carbonated beer from a kegging system without excessive foaming.

Beer foam is caused by a sudden change in pressure. Unlike awkward counter pressure fillers, the BeerGun does not pressurize the bottle to avoid a sudden change in pressure when filling, but instead relies on a very gradual reduction in pressure from keg pressure to the open air. By avoiding design features like ball valves and sharp bends in the flow path, the BeerGun gently reduces pressure on the carbonated beer as it flows through it, with the result being the cold carbonated beer that flows out has minimal foam, while still containing carbonation. A purge button behind the trigger lets you first flush the bottle with C02 before filling if desired to eliminate oxygen in the capped bottle. 

What matters is the BeerGun is easy to use, and makes filling sediment-free beer bottles from a keg an easy job instead of a chore. For successful use, beer must be below 37° F. and beer bottles must also be cold.

To use the BeerGun, you will need a kegging system  filled with carbonated cold beer and C02 regulator. Hook the included 10’ of beer hose up to your ball or pin-lock barbed beer keg fitting. Now provide 5’ or so of gas hose, and a Q12 hose barb (both not included) and screw it into the base of the BeerGun and attach the gas hose. Hook the other end of the gas hose to a spare hose barb on your regulator. Now pull the trigger to easily pour carbonated beer into bottles. Cap quickly to avoid carbonation loss, and you are done. The BeerGun includes  beer hose, a brush for the barrel, gas hose and connector, ball lock beer connector for your keg, and detailed instructions.

 Click HERE to download the instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 8.71428571428571 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Throw away your counter pressure filler!

Review by JONATHAN P. on 11/21/2005

Pros: This beer gun is so easy to operate and fills so fast without foaming that you'll never want to use your counter pressure filler again! One handed operation and the ability to purge bottles of air make it my new favorite gadget.

Cons: The accessory kit is a little pricey

Great Filler

Review by CRAIG S. on 11/21/2005

Pros: Easy to sanitize Captures the carbonation present in the keg Easy to use I have won awards using this filler

Cons: Product is pricey, but worth it!

Difficult to use as advertised

Review by Limbo696 on 1/10/2007

Pros: Great for regular bottling (i.e., with sugar). Much faster than a regular bottling wand with little foaming. It is also good for use as a general tap--pours the perfect beer everytime!

Cons: Difficult to use as advertised. Beer must be pressurized perfectly to pour into a bottle with little foaming or loss of CO2. Bottles should also be chilled for best results. Most will also need to buy additional kegging parts.

beer gun

Review by Jim M. on 3/8/2008

Pros: Great design and craftsmanship. Easier to use than normal CPF.

Cons: Would be cool to incorporate a gasket to seal the bottle similar to CPF.

Fantastic filler

Review by Travis D. on 4/23/2008

Pros: This filler is great! Connections are simple, disassembles all the way for easy cleaning, one hand operation is super-smooth. Key points: bottles need to be cold! I found it best to bleed most of the pressure from my keg first, then gently add pressure till I get the right flow. ps...I gave away my counter filler (kind of rotten to do to a friend...maybe he will have better luck).

Cons: Non yet, but have only used twice...would be nice for them to include another rubber stopper for the bottom...just in case.

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