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What is a BeerGun? It is an easy way to fill beer bottles with sediment-free carbonated beer from a kegging system without excessive foaming.

Beer foam is caused by a sudden change in pressure. Unlike awkward counter pressure fillers, the BeerGun does not pressurize the bottle to avoid a sudden change in pressure when filling, but instead relies on a very gradual reduction in pressure from keg pressure to the open air. By avoiding design features like ball valves and sharp bends in the flow path, the BeerGun gently reduces pressure on the carbonated beer as it flows through it, with the result being the cold carbonated beer that flows out has minimal foam, while still containing carbonation. A purge button behind the trigger lets you first flush the bottle with C02 before filling if desired to eliminate oxygen in the capped bottle. 

What matters is the BeerGun is easy to use, and makes filling sediment-free beer bottles from a keg an easy job instead of a chore. For successful use, beer must be below 37° F. and beer bottles must also be cold.

To use the BeerGun, you will need a kegging system  filled with carbonated cold beer and C02 regulator. Hook the included 10’ of beer hose up to your ball or pin-lock barbed beer keg fitting. Now provide 5’ or so of gas hose, and a Q12 hose barb (both not included) and screw it into the base of the BeerGun and attach the gas hose. Hook the other end of the gas hose to a spare hose barb on your regulator. Now pull the trigger to easily pour carbonated beer into bottles. Cap quickly to avoid carbonation loss, and you are done. The BeerGun includes  beer hose, a brush for the barrel, gas hose and connector, ball lock beer connector for your keg, and detailed instructions.

 Click HERE to download the instructions in pdf format.

NOTE: The plastic case in the video below is no longer part of this product, and is not included.

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Beer Gun

Review by jeff buschman on 11/27/2016

some complexity to the set-up, Still, gun makes a quick and easy chore of transfering from keg to bottles. I'm quite satisfied with the investment.

Beergun - Well engineered

Review by BOZ_OK on 1/10/2016

I was a bit skeptical that the beer gun would actually provide the features as advertised but it did. It was very easy to assemble, use, and clean. I had to transfer from a corny to some bombers and once I got the process down it worked well. Be sure to keep the pressure low - I used 4psi. I was not sure about the 10 feet of beer hose but after looking at pressure and delivery I realized it was necessary to reduce foaming and velocity to the bottle. I wish there was a way to add a disconnect for the hose but then it would difficult to assemble. Overall, very pleased with the unit.

A perfect product

Review by Forrest on 4/12/2013

As it is designed and delivered, 5 stars - all the right tools, but this is about all the added parts that make it a tone easier, invest in a 6x6 glass washer (for commercial washers) - helps keep your bottles upright - think dominos moving them around... then i also go the gas quick connects and a gas distributor with an extra fitting at the end (and able to turn off to my other kegs) - most of all, a threaded nut so you can swap the black ball lock with the grey one to flush the line with starsan and then purge with CO2 after, ITS WORTH IT!!!

how to clean the beer line...

Review by Alex Gandy on 6/20/2012

it does great filling beer - won a few different competitions with it, but I sure would love some advice on the cleaning part. The hose needs to be cut off the beer gun; I wish there was a nifty gadget i could rig to squeeze some sanitizer through - sounds like everyone uses and extra keg, but I cant believe that is the best option!

No better product...

Review by Ted on 6/1/2012

Whether you are considering different options - this makes bottling simple. I freeze my bottle first, I am curious why I see bubbling in the line when the keg is below the gun (but not when the keg is higher, I will continue to investigate that). I turned up the pressure on my tank to 12.5-13 psi and am pleased with the tool. I use this for competitions and sharing with friends, no question, I am thrilled to have this.

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