Pneumatic Capper

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• Pneumatic for effortless operation
• Cap hundreds of bottles per run
• Includes quick release air fittings
• Hinged safety shield for ease of use
• Twin levers prevent operator injury
• A massive 47 pounds

This heavy duty commercial grade Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper is ideal when you have an air supply and a need to do a lot of bottles of the same height. It will cap non twist cap beer bottles from 5½" to 16" in height, and features two capping heads, one for the American standard 26mm crimp beer bottle cap, and the other for the European 29-31mm crimp bottle cap (which fits many European champagne bottles, and Belgian beer bottles). The 29-31mm cap will also drive plastic champagne corks into wine bottles. It fits bottles from 1¾" to 6" in diameter.  A unique hinged safety shield is easier to use than models with fixed safety shields.

This features dual air valves, so both black air valve levers must be pressed at once to cap a bottle (which prevents an operators hand from getting crushed by the capper). An adjustable bottom bracket makes it easy to line up your chosen bottle size so it is right under the capping head, saving a lot of time when you have a lot of bottles to cap. The head is magnetic, so it will hold a bottle cap before you insert the bottle to be capped.

24 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. Requires 80 to 100 psi of air pressure, and uses 1 CFM of air. Includes a quick disconnect air fitting that will screw onto a male 1/4" NPT air inlet for attaching your air line. Made in Italy.

This heavy duty capper weighs 47 pounds, and ships for free in the lower 48 states.

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Pneumatic Capper

Review by Jim Hamer on 3/28/2019

We bought the Pneumatic Capper and it works great. Plus it has all stainless head components for easy sterilization. Plus it was a few hundred dollars cheaper than the other guys. With flat rate shipping you can’t beat it. We had a small issue with a cracked plastic leveling foot, but their service team was prompt and made it right immediately. Best customer care I’ve experienced in years. They even gave me a gift card for our troubles. Five Stars.

Cervecero Aficianado

Review by Colina on 8/31/2019

I only bottle condition, and this makes bottling very efficient. I was very fortunate to recieve a damaged unit at a reduced price which I could repair. Does not indent the cap. Does not cause my 30 gallon compressor to run too often. Probably about 2-3 times per 100 bottles. The capper head moves at a reasonable speed, appearing to be safe to operate. The device decisively and securely crimps the caps. Noise from unit isn't excessive working outdoors.

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Jul 15, 2020 by Neal Knapp

Q: how many bottles can be capped in an hour?

A: This depends on the speed of the operator, figure about 1 bottle every 10 seconds for someone fast.

Feb 15, 2019 by Tom

Q: Is the capper head magnetic to make the crown caps stick to it?

A: Yes.

Nov 22, 2017 by Aaron

Q: Is the compressed air just to run the machine but we can use CO2 to pump the beer?

A: Compressed air for the Air-Matic must be supplied by an air compressor you supply. C02 can of course be used to pump beer.

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