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Our Chrome Commercial Capper features a chromed solid upright shaft of steel and solid steel chrome base, and a heavy duty cast aluminum capping head. A bottle rest makes it quick to position a bottle for capping. Infinitely adjustable from as low as you want to go to 15" tall, this 21 pound machine is the ultimate manual bottle capper. Precisely made in Italy.  For 26mm bottle caps only.

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bottle conditioned hefe weizen

Review by randall on 10/10/2015

if you bottle most of your brew & bottle condition a significant percentage of it, and intend to do that for the long term, this capper is worth it. Heavy duty with almost zero defect rate. The weak point of most cappers, including 'premium' cappers, is the bell that forms the cap over the bottle. If the bell of this unit could be retro-fitted on a cheap capper, it would probably work just as good.

Powerful but with a delicate touch

Review by Craig on 6/10/2016

First impression is that it is very heavy, the scale said it is 31 lbs, not 21 as in the description but it still qualified for William's $6.99 flat rate shipping. Second impression is that it is a finely tuned beast. The adjustment for height couldn't be smoother or faster, a weak point in many other bench cappers. The magnetic head holds the cap in place and it is very easy to feel when proper contact is made to the bottle. It has a very delicate touch so you can be sure the cap is not askew. Finally, the seal is very firm and secure. Certainly the best capper money can buy. You deserve this capper! It is top heavy when capping so securing it is a must, otherwise you need to hold the capper with one hand. I plan on screwing it to a board and then clamping that to my kitchen counter.

Pro Quality

Review by Ron Zimmerman on 8/4/2016

Couldn't be more pleased with this capper. It's built like a tank and is as smooth as silk. Caps are always secure. So easy to adjust. Will accommodate any size bottle. A must for those who want the best tools.

Wow, what a difference

Review by Greg on 12/23/2016

I bought this after my Agata capper broke, due to it having plastic in key stress points. It was fine while it lasted, but it seemed inevitable that something would give way. I'm committed to bottling,as I just don't have the space for kegs, so I wanted all metal construction. This capper is fantastic. The adjustment is easy to fit all sizes of bottles, and you can get the head close enough that you don't need to use a ton of force to get a good seal. It's heavy enough that you don't need to attach it to a counter or workbench. I can't imagine I'll ever need to replace this, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

The Ultimate Capper

Review by Russell on 1/18/2017

Even after reading the reviews, I was still surprised at what a beast this thing is. It is solid steel, fully adjustable for any size bottle, and heavy enough to use without bolting to a separate base. Capping is effortless,and with some care, this should last a lifetime. Don't waste your $$ on cheaper versions - they flex when used and don't compare in the least to this one. Thank you Williams Brewing!

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Oct 03, 2018 by chris

Q: Hello, can you tell me the full stroke of the shaft when the handle is rotated to the max rotation? Thanks

A: 3"

May 16, 2018 by Kat

Q: Can it also cap small bottles (187 ml)?

A: It will cap any bottle that accepts a standard 26mm or 29mm crimp bottle cap. This model lets you go as low as you want, so height should not be an issue.

Dec 12, 2017 by Emily

Q: Does this work with a twist off crown cap?

A: No it works with pry off crowns. It will work with a cap intended for a twist off bottle, as long as you are bottling in pry off glass bottles.

Nov 08, 2017 by Zach Nelson

Q: Can you cap 750ml, 22 oz bombers and is the cap size of 26mm and 29mm pretty standard cap size for those bottles I mentioned before and also what is your return policy if it does not work out for us out here at KettleHouse Brewing. Thank you for your time

A: This capper will work with 750ml and 22 oz bottles. The standard for commercial beer bottles in the USA is 26mm. The 29mm caps are for Belgian ale or European Champagne bottles. We offer a 60 day trial period. If you return the item within the 60 day period we will issue a full refund less shipping.

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