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An Italian-made lever capper made of stamped steel with riveted pivots and nylon-cushioned jaws. Caps 26mm bottles only (the standard bottle in the United States). A rugged and easy to use capper.  This capper does not include a magnet, so just put the cap on the bottle and crimp it down.

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Great hand capper

Review by Pete on 10/2/2016

This is a great hand capper! Don't get me wrong ... this is not a bench capper and not quite that easy, but as hand cappers go, it is strong, easy to use, and works great. Some don't like the circle dent in the top. I do. I think it gives the bottle a finished look. I do find that when the bottle is carbonated, the center "circle dent" pops up! Yes, that is right.....a done button for your bottled beer! I wait a week after bottling, then check the bottled beer every day or so. I know it is carbonated when the center dent is pushing up! No more FLAT beer to drink while trying to figure out when the carbonation is finished! The capper is all metal! Spray it down with silicone, and it will last a long time. I purchased mine about 20 yrs ago. It got a bit rusty in storage while I had a 15 year brewing break, but a steel brush and some silicone and it is good as new. Works great!

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