Belgian Gold Cork Tie Downs (60)

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This 26.5mm cork tie down is specficially designed to hold down a Belgian ale style cork (our item Q76). After inserting halfway our Q76 Belgian ale style corks into a suitable Belgian ale bottle with a floor corker, you then secure the cork with this tie down, securing it with 4 to 5 twists with needlenose pliers or a multitool.

When bottling beer with our Q76 corks, this item is required to prevent the cork from dangerously popping. Pack of 60.

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Very Good for Beer in Wine Bottles

Review by Matt H. on 4/6/2017

I used these to bottle beer in 750 ml wine bottles in the Belgian "cork and cage" style and it worked great. Put the cork half way in the bottle and tie it down to keep the pressure from popping the cork out. Looks great, kind of steampunk. I did not have to buy beer bottles, caps and a new corker. No problems at all. William's Responds: Keep in mind stock wine bottles are not designed to withstand the carbonation of beer, and may explode when filled with carbonated beverages.

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