Grainfather Cam Lock Conversion Kit

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Convert the Recirculation Arm and the Counter Flow Chiller of the Grainfather to convenient Cam Lock fittings. This kit consists of 5 BSP thread 304 grade stainless parts to convert a Grainfather Recirculation Arm and Wort Chiller to easy to use Cam Lock Fittings. We also include new silicone chiller input tubing for the Grainfather Counter Flow Chiller, as the existing tubing can become stiff and make it hard to insert the new cam lock fitting.

Click HERE for installation instructions.

See David Heath's YouTube video for more on this and installation instructions.

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Good end results

Review by Scott H on 8/10/2019

Fairly easy install. I got a robobrew v3 arm instead of hacking up my Grainfather one. It’s a bit shorter but works fine and has can already. Only problem I had was in the chiller the barb is so tiny it’s tough to get the hose hooked up. The barb in my gf chiller is small and a stainless color unlike the bronze looking one in the pictures here. In the end all went well but would be nice if there was a longer barb option included

Chiller barb different

Review by Michael Wallace on 8/11/2019

My chiller barb is also small stainless so I just used the existing tubing

Great Mod for the Grainfather

Review by Steve T on 8/27/2019

This is how the Grainfather should have been built in the first place. The only problem with this kit is that the instructions are pretty vague and the supplied hose doesn't really fit on the CF chiller. I had to force the male fitting into the end of the existing hose.

Love it

Review by Clem on 8/27/2019

An excellent conversion to my grainfather.

Good Kit but Issues

Review by Rodger Thurlow on 8/28/2019

Good kit however the chiller cam lock doesn't fit correctly in the Type D cam lock fitting so it doesn't completely close.

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Aug 26, 2020 by Kim

Q: Can this be used on a brewers edge mash and boil with pump. If not do you have a kit or parts to do the conversion on the mash and boil with pump.

A: Yes, all you need are items L60 and Z66 to convert a Mash & Boil to a Brewzilla style Cam Lock Recirculation Arm.

Jan 12, 2020 by Corey

Q: Hello, I was wondering if you have corrected the common problem in your reviews that the hose and fitting to the CFC do not fit?

A: No,the conversion kit we sell is based on the wider Counter Flow Chiller Tubing which is on most of the Grainfathers. If you have 3/8" inner diameter tubing on your Counter Flow, this part does not fit.

Sep 22, 2019 by John M

Q: What version of the Robobrew V3 recirculation arm can be used instead of cutting the Grainfathers recirculation arm?

A: Any Robobrew Gen 3 arm can be used, because they already have a cam lock fitting. Robobrew Gen 2 arms do not have a cam lock fitting, and cannot be used.

Aug 02, 2019 by Ian Carswell

Q: Can you include an option for a second cam lock barb so that I can connect one to outlet pipe of the counterflow wort chiller. This would facilitate connecting it in reverse for cleaning.

A: You probably need our part #L74 which is sold separately.

Aug 01, 2019 by Adam

Q: Will this work on Robobrew v2.0?

A: No, the Robobrew has a slightly thicker recirculation arm.

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