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Why roast your own gourmet coffee at home? For freshness, the fascination of the process, and to save money. Roasted coffee starts to lose its volatile aromatic oils 3 days after roasting. Even when packed in barrier packaging, fresh roasted coffee is a perishable product, and you never know how old roast coffee is when you buy it in a store. Besides freshness, roasting your own specialty coffee saves money. Quality green beans sell for about half the price of already roasted specialty coffee. Home roasting is easy, fun, and involving. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

The Fresh Roast SR500 features a 5 ounce green bean capacity, so you can roast enough coffee for 20 cups in one batch. It is 12.5" tall, and 7.5" wide. The keypad (click on the more info button above for a closeup) features a digital keypad present with a 5.9 minute roast time. The roast time can be extended by pressing the up buttons, shortened by pressing the down buttons, and ended by pressing the cool button, which starts a 4 minute cooling cycle. In addition, a fan speed control knob and low, medium, and high heat settings are also available, valuable tools for the advanced roaster who wants to tailor their roast to perfection. Click on the more info button above for a close up of the SR500 keypad.

Voltage: You must have 15 amps available at the plug where you plug in your Fresh roast SR500 for it to do a good job. It burns 1600 watts when running, and if you have an older house with only a 15 am circuit, you need to make sure nothing else is on the circuit when the Fresh Roast is running. If you plug it into a 15 amp circuit that also has other appliances drawing from it, you coffee will not roast. Of course, this is less of a problem in newer houses with 20amp circuits, as even if a small appliance is plugged in and running, you still will probably have 15 amps to draw from and run the roaster. You will know if you do not have 15 amps available if the roaster runs but does not get the beans very dark. Try switching to another outlet (on another circuit) to test this.

This machine is simple and works well. A one year manufacturers warranty is included.

This is a closeup of the control panel, showing the preprogrammed roast time of 5.9 minutes (adjustable with the up and down buttons to your preference at the start of each roast or during the roast). Additional features include a variable speed fan adjustment knob, and a low, medium, and high heat switch.


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by Royce
on 1/29/2019
from CO
Excellent roaster, poor service from Willliams
I have bought from Williams for over 30 years now and this is the first disappointment.  The Roaster did a great job on the first two batches, one day apart so the roaster had plenty of time too cool.  On the third batch after a full day of cooling time the unit failed to turn on.  I called Williams explained the issue and was told my only option was to call the manufacturer.  Only option?  That was the wrong answer.  I did call the manufacturer and he was very responsive sent out a replacement unit and I am very happy with how it works.  However, I will never buy coffee beans from Williams because of their response to the failed unit.  Plenty of other options Williams. 

William's Brewing Responds:  On coffee roasters, the manufacturer provides the warranty.  This is standard procedure across the industry. As you found, the manufacturer provided excellent warranty service.  Thanks for your business!
by michael farrar
on 12/6/2018
from ontario calif.
sr500 roaster
excellent roaster for a novice like myself
by Solstice Brewing
on 8/21/2018
from New Mexico
Fun and Jittery
Wow!  First experiments with roasting coffee and this machine is easy to use and with variable fan and temperature, easy to adjust to get to various roasts in various times.  I've been drinking WAY too much coffee to compare beans, roasts and grinds, but having a great time.  As mentioned in other reviews, this model is a bit top heavy and the heat sink on the lid gets quite hot (to be expected).  Other than that, great design and great features.  Buy one and get roasting!
by Steve
on 3/17/2018
from fl
After using an airless popper and whirling popper to bring  the green beans up to 1st crack with so-so results, I broke down & "bit the bullet" and purchased the SR500. The mistake I made was waiting too long to get the 500. It.works great, The 500  gives you the flexible temp. that the 350 doesn't have. You can tilt the unit side to side to dry the beans so you can get an even roast.  (you need to hold onto the top of unit with a hot pad, otherwise it will fall off and have to be replaced if it hits the floor). I use 4 scoops per run, which takes about 9 minutes to finish & cool.
by Norm
on 1/24/2018
from Brewing in California
Norm's Method after 20+ roasts
For the Norm Method: (99% beans get a uniform roast)
Run under stove hood!
Drying the beans
1.) fan high; low heat; count down from 5.9 to 5.2 (switch)
2.) 10 second cool
3.) fan high: low heat; count down from 5.9 to 5.3 (switch)
4.) 10 second cool
5.) fan high: low heat; count down from 5.9 to 5.4 switch
6.) 10 sec
7.) fan high; low heat; count from 5.9 to 5.5 switch 
8.) 5 sec cool
repeat # 7 and 8 until yellow just starts to brown (switch)

Now the beans are dried, I start the roast
R1. fan high: low heat from 5.9 to 0.1 (if you go to Cool,  just unplug select low and replug and go again, First crack starts around 1 min left +/-)

R2. fan adjusted for max movement: med heat 5.9 to 0.1 (first crack done around 4Min +/-,  second may or not start? by end)

R3. fan adjusted for max movement: high Heat 5.9 to 0.0 for dark roast (This is the section where you pick the roast level: less time = lighter roast) I drop the last 1 min heat back to med heat before cooling; I run cooling twice
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11/1/2018 11:56:35 AM
What is the difference between the SR500 and the SR340?
The SR500 has three heat settings, while the SR340 only has one. We have found during use of the SR500 that we only leave it at the high heat setting, so the value of this extra feature may be small.
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