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Discounted Green Coffee Package Deal

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Why roast your own gourmet coffee at home? For freshness, the fascination of the process, and to save money. Roasted coffee starts to lose its volatile aromatic oils 3 days after roasting. Even when packed in barrier packaging, fresh roasted coffee is a perishable product, and you never know how old roast coffee is when you buy it in a store. Besides freshness, roasting your own specialty coffee saves money. Quality green beans sell for about half the price of already roasted specialty coffee. Home roasting is easy, fun, and involving. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

The Fresh Roast SR340 features a 5 ounce green bean capacity, so you can roast enough coffee for 20 cups in one batch. It is 12.5" tall, and 7.5" wide. The keypad features a digital keypad present with a 5.9 minute roast time. The roast time can be extended by pressing the up buttons, shortened by pressing the down buttons, and ended by pressing the cool button, which starts a 4 minute cooling cycle. In addition, a fan speed control knob is also available, which lets you vary the intensity of the heat by adjusting how much hot air is pushed up through the beans.

SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL: Includes 2 free pounds of Colombian green coffee. You can also order your choice of greatly discounted green coffee at time of roaster purchase (see above)


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by Chris Kennedy
on 4/16/2018
from California
Excellent coffee roaster
I have done 25 roasts in it since getting it and it runs well a bit loud an and it will set off your smoke detector but it gets the job done and is easy to control. Roasts beans in 5-8 minutes plus 6minutes to cool them down after roasting. A great first choice to get into coffee roasting. 
by Tim
on 1/12/2015
from Houston
Great Roasted Beans
Now January, starter kit purchased for wife's Christmas gift: she loves reg coffee, I decaf. Couldn't wait till Christmas so given in early Dec. We both enjoy the increased flavor of home roasting. So far everything works well -  the User Manual covers most of what you need to know. Default setting of roasting on High for 5.9 minutes works great for green Columbia Supremo (only reg beans roasted so far). However, natural water decaf Columbian beans work best on High for 4.3 minutes (anything higher over roasts: 5.9 minutes = charcoal). First time roasting set off multiple house smoke alarms and manual says don't roast outside. Now done on range with vent fan on (vented outside). Initially set fan on highest setting till beans get lighter (couple minutes or so) then back off to middle fan setting. When done will automatically cool 3 minutes. Volume of beans doubles from roasting and yields 18-20 cups of coffee. LET COOL 30 MIN BETWEEN BATCHES TO AVOID PREMATURE FAILURE OF ROASTER!
by William
on 9/9/2014
from Traverse City
Good while it lasted
I give this package deal a mixed review. The coffee selection was great and a very good value. I love roasting my own coffee, almost as much as I love brewing my own beer. The roaster worked well for about a year and then it quit heating.This is an inexpensive roaster, but one year of service is not acceptable. I will do some research and find a better quality roaster.
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Fred Fraase
10/27/2018 4:53:01 PM
I'm thinking of trying my hand at coffee roasting but I don't want to pay a whole lot of money. This one seems reasonable. But there has been negative reviews. Will this last me (for casual coffee drinking) more than a year?
The Fresh roast line has a 1 year guarantee. We find they work well and are easy and quick to use.
Kathy Salzmann
6/12/2017 4:38:48 PM
Can coffee be roasted to a dark roast in the Fresh Roast SR340 Roaster?
Yes, this is the best roaster for darker roasts.
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