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A milky liquid emulsion that reduces foaming during fermentation, without affecting heading or the flavor of the finished beer. The active food grade ingredient,dimethylpolysiloxane, reduces surface tension of the wort, enabling you to have vigorous ferments in smaller fermenters. If you have trouble with your fermenter overflowing (particularly in warmer months) this additive is for you.

Fermcap S™ settle out in the yeast sediment when fermentation ends. Use ¼ to ½ teaspoon per 5 gallon batch of beer, adding right before you add the yeast. Preserved with sodium metabisulphite. This 4 fluid oz. bottle is good for many batches and should be stored in a cool place, and shaken before each use to unify the emulsion.

Click  here for a MSDS sheet on Fermcap.


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by Travis
on 8/12/2015
from Richmond, TX
This + A Fan = No Boil Overs
I start at 14.5 gallons in a keggle.  That's almost over as it gets to a boil.  I use this and keep a fan on top of the wort and I don't get much more than a sizzle over.  I also use this in my fermentor to keep from pumping tons of yeast out.
by John
on 1/24/2014
from Pittsburgh
Multi-purpose, kettle and fermenter
- In the kettle, just before boiling, helps prevent boil-overs if timed properly
- In the fermenter, very helpful in preventing krausen blow-outs.  Use it when the krausen is gaining in thickness and before it reaches the top of the fermenter.  Usually a very light "line" of it does the trick and allows you to use the maximum fermentation space.
by Jeff
on 12/24/2013
from Texas
Fermcap: double benefit
Having recently had trouble with fermenting brews blowing through the airlock and even lifting the lid of my fermenter, I have added 1/4 tsp of Fermcap just before yeast addition in my last two brews and have had no trouble with "foam-overs."  In addition the sediment in the bottom of the fermenter is more coagulated and I get a much cleaner transfer of the brew to a secondary fermenter and when bottling, with no change in flavor of the brew. Fermcap is a simple and useful addition to the brewing process.
by George
on 1/12/2013
from Lakeland
Wish I would have found this 25 batches ago
will not brew without it. Boilovers ruin my day - this product removes that worry. Makes the boil part of the brew day the easiest.
by Brett W.
on 11/6/2012
from West Sacramento
Can't Brew BIG without it!
This is an absolute must when you are brewing big beers and you don't want to loose all the good stuff out the blow off tube, it keeps everything in your fermenter with no mess.
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