FermZilla Spunding Valve Kit

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This includes  the parts needed to assemble a ball lock Spundling Valve that fits the 27 and 55 Liter Fermzilla (as well as the 30 Liter All Rounder Fermzilla)  and also any gas ball lock fitting.  Includes clear joiner tubing that allows the valve to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly. Ferment under pressure with the Fermzilla (or any ball lock keg) and this easy to adjust valve.  Fits Fermzillas, Kegmenters, and more. Accuracy of the 0-23 PSI gauge is plus or minus 2 PSI.

Note: The video below shows the older version of this valve, which did not have an integral gauge.

Important Note: This is not to be used with the 30 Liter Fermzilla Flat Bottom Fermenter, our item V15

Average rating 9.33333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

just a guy that brew's beer

Review by Marc Andrews on 10/11/2019

I paid a lot for the fermenter, that is just an excellent. However the Duo-tight fittings seem to be a bit leaky, sticky to release tubes or devices, the tubes that came with the kit were a bit short, being a little too compact. Overall the kit is pretty good for the price point. Purchased a new Tee and tubing and will try again to see better result. Maybe it just the pieces that I received.

great spunding valve

Review by Michael Harper on 10/20/2019

This was so easy to put together, easy to set and it works perfectly. Just brewed my first beer using it and it works perfectly as advertised.

New to Spunding Valves

Review by Austin on 1/24/2020

I only recently read about Spunding Valves which I've heard have been used for years with Pilsners. This was easy to assemble and worked great with a Belgian Strong Dark that I just brewed. After open fermenting for 24 hours, I added Spunding Valve and got to 6 psi over the rest of fermentation. I am going to experiment with other beer styles and see where this works best.

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