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  • Shown with included drain hose attached
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Optional FastFerment Accessories
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In addition to the optional pictured stand above, the FastFerment comes with two wall mounting brackets, which are mounted to studs in your wall that are 16" apart. You will need to drill holes in your wall for the four 2½" lag screws to mount the steel hanging brackets if you choose to use them. This is ideal if you have your own brewshed or brew in the garage or somwhere where permanently mounting something to your house walls is acceptable. 

The FastFerment unit itself with collection ball attached is 33" tall (not including the airlock) an 14" wide. When placed on the FastFerment Stand, it is 35" tall not including the airlock. In addition to a collection ball, a transfer hose with shut off clamp is provided for transferring into a keg or priming container.  Total capacity is 7.9 gallons.

Optional accessories besides the stand include extra Collection Balls, so you can harvest yeast, and a Sample Port, for taking partially fermented samples.  Made in U.S.A

Note: Shown above with optional stand which is available at time of purchase.


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by Frank Snook
on 1/11/2018
from Oregon
Poor Packaging and Poor Functionality
This fast fermenter arrived with all parts in the box but the threaded portion at the end where the ball valve is installed had been pressed against the side of the box so the threads were out of round making it difficult to seal the threads. This product promises to make primary fermentation, secondary fermentation and bottling all in this single product. However, when it came time to remove the ball at the bottom and dispose the sediment had backed up in the small diameter passageway and became stuck requiring the use of a probe to dislodge the obstruction. Being afraid of getting sediment in the bottled beer it was drained into a bottling bucket and let settle for a few days. 
by George
on 11/10/2017
from Katy, TX
So far so good
I admit to being a novice but I researched home brewing for about 3 months before choosing this conical. I am also a competent woodworker so I had a good idea for a diy stand. A 12X20 in piece of 3/4 plywood with a 10 in hole in it is all you need for a base to hold the conical, after that all you do is make a rack to hold it. Mine has 2 positions so I can move it higher for bottling. I had no issues with any of the fittings leaking after assembly. The hole in top is a little small but I managed to pour the wort with no spillage. I have a batch in primary fermentation right now and everything looks promising. It's definitely less work/steps than using buckets and transfer tubing.   
by Anthony Wilson
on 4/4/2017
from WA
It seemed like a good idea
I bought the fast fermenter when it was on sale and I am glad I did not pay full price. It seemed like a good idea but quite frankly a brewing bucket with plastic carboy for secondary fermentation is a simpler and cheaper option. That takes a little more effort in the transfer to the secondary but is far easier to manage at the primary stage. The Fast Fermenter optional carry handle is a must, as the unit is awkward to handle when full ( I found that out the hard way and did not have the handle for my first brew). The stand is also a must if you want to use the included single pair of brackets for kegging, as you have to mount the brackets way too high on the wall for brewing. I do not plan to buy another of these units, even though I tend to have several brews going at any one time. I will continue to use my old brewing buckets as well as this unit.
by Will H.
on 3/13/2017
from Charleston, SC
Excellent, affordable Conical
Just finished my first fermentation with the Fast Ferment, and I'm very happy with it.  Construction quality seems fine to me - a little bit of plastic "webbing" on the threads, but this was easily cleaned up with a butter knife.  I had a little trouble getting the thermowell threads aligned properly when installing it, but once I did, it went in perfectly without any leaking.  I did run into a snag removing the collection ball after primary fermentation.  The union nut was very tight (probably my fault) - so when I unscrewed it, the inner portion of the ball valve came loose too, which resulted in the valve leaking.  Luckily, the valve didn't completely come apart, and I was able to tighten it back up without losing too much beer.  I suggest verifying that the ball valve is tightly assembled before you install it, and be careful not to over-tighten the union when installing the collection ball.

Overall, I think this is great fermenter.  Way easier than than buckets and carboys!
by Royce
on 10/9/2016
from CO
Excellent product.  Very well made, heavy plastic with quality attachments.  Instructions complete and easy to follow.  Only problem I had was getting the thermometer well thread started correctly.  Took several attempts but once started there was no problem.  Item came double boxed, nothing missing.  Highly recommended over buckets and carboys.  
Update:  I had a chance to bottle right out of the Fastferment.  Very nice to be able to bottle and not have to lift a carboy onto the countertop.  The larger diameter tube made filling wine bottles much faster.  Called the 800 number that came with the directions and got a live person first try!!!!  Excellent service on a great product.  Buy the floor stand also.  It comes in handy for cleaning.
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2/3/2017 1:09:20 PM
What is the capacity of this fermenter?
7.9 Gallon Capacity
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