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Have you ever wanted to make a true whiskey barrel stout, or an oak aged barleywine? We now have 5 gallon American Oak whiskey barrels from a leading craft distillery. These impart a deep whisky/bourbon-oak flavor and are perfect for aging your strong ales, and also ideal for sour ales. These are once used barrels which have stored Reservoir's premium craft whiskey or bourbon for at least 1 year before being drained.

The pictured wood stand is optional, see a suitable stand at right.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Note that wood barrels are imperfect, and may leak when initially filled, particularly if they are not filled within two weeks of receiving. We do not guarantee against leakage, but leaking barrels can be repaired by rehydration or wood plugs, check YouTube for instructional videos. Always fill a barrel with water and leave for 24 hours before use to check for leaks.

For more information before ordering, open this pdf about barrel preparation, care, leak repair, and storage:  


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by George L
on 7/30/2018
from Colorado
Quality, but not quite what I ordered
This used barrel was in great condition and did not leak upon test filling with water, nor has it leaked since I filled it with fortified Port-style Wine. I orrdered a used whiskey barrel according to the invoice but received a rum barrel.  No worry since I needed a more neutral, used barrel for aging this style of wine. Fast shipping. Very pleased.
by John
on 4/3/2018
from Wisconsin
Used oak whiskey barrel
Awesome product was a little Leary being emptied for almost 3 months when barrell arrived had good smell filled barrell with maple syrup did not leak shipping was very prompt can’t say enough good things can’t wait to pull product out
by Tom
on 3/15/2018
from Scappoose,OR
Whiskey barrel
This thing is great!  Aged a Baltic Porter in it for 4 months.  Turned out awesome!  Followed "re-hydrating" instructions and had no issues.  I will now re-hydrate, prime with some bourbon or whiskey and do it again
by larry burrow
on 2/23/2018
from Missouri
Very good
by I-wa
on 2/12/2018
from Wisconsin
Not for Maple Syrup
I put 5 gallons of maple syrup in my barrel as soon as I got it. Seemed great! But the longer the syrup was in the barrel the more it started to sep syrup. I assume the syrup was to thick to keep the barrel hydrated. I then put it in a tube of water thinking the water pressure would stop the leaking. It did, but as soon as I removed the syrup the barrel dried out very fast. I removed the syrup a lot sooner than I had planned. I wanted to put a stout in after the syrup, but am now soaking the barrel in warm water to hydrate it. This is not a very good barrel. I don't believe the whisky was left in long enough to begin with. The staves are very thin. Which also could be part of the reason the barrel drys out so quickly. I WON"T order again!
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Jerry Mankoski
10/30/2018 2:30:38 AM
How does one purge CO2 into a five gallon whiskey barrel?
Get a regulator and a 1/4" interior diameter gas hose, and put the hose in the bottom of the barrel. Run the C02 for a few seconds until you feel the barrel is purged. 
richard King
7/21/2018 6:38:19 PM
I would like to age a good Canadian whisky or scotch whisky. will this barrel do ok, and do they come with a spigot.
This barrel had Balcone's Rumble in it for over a year. It will impart the oak/Rumble/Rum flavor to your Scotch or Canadian style. 

They do not come with a spigot.
3/12/2018 10:09:48 AM
How often do you get used bourbon barrell would like fresh barrel prefere 30 days or less
Every 4 months or so.
2/21/2018 9:00:57 PM
What temp do you let beers ferment/age at in one of these? I've seen barrels at breweries almost at room temp there, but I wasn't sure what the proper temp range is, would like to know before taking the plunge.
Room temperature is fine for ales, just consider this another aging vessel, and age your beer at the temperature you have previously aged it at. So 55° to 68° F would be a very safe range.
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