Double Roller Grain Mill Motorizing Kit

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Do you want to motorize your Two Roller Milll? This high torque geared grain mill motor fits the 10mm diameter shaft on our item L07 and  B21 Two Roller Mills, and many other other 2 or three roller mills with 1½" diameter rollers and with a 10mm diameter drive shaft including some BarleyCrusher and Cereal Killer mills (but not all, check your shaft diameter before ordering). It features internal gears to spin your mill at 200 rpm. A heavy duty spider coupling absorbs the direct drive shock, and the 1 amp motor has plenty of power to turn.

NOTE: This is for mills with 1½" diameter rollers only, it will not drive larger mills with 2" diameter rollers.

A safety switch is included for mounting on your mill mount. This includes a button that is harder to turn on than turn off (to turn on, twist the red knob and press down, to turn off, just press the red knob).

This kit requires wiring and installation, besides a mill with a 10mm drive shaft, you will need to wire this mill to your 110 volt power source (a plug is not included). Note the coupler can be modified with a hacksaw or grinder (see picture at right) to also accept narrower 3/8" (9.5mm) drive shaft mills. You will also need to build a table mount for this mill, and elevate the mill on a base you fabricate to align the mill drive shaft with the motor shaft.

See the thumbnails for mounting and wiring ideas. When wiring, besides the hot red and black neutral wires coming out of the safety switch that you wire to your house 110 volt hot and neutral lines, you will also need to wire a green ground wire from a mount on the motor to your three prong plug.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.



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Grain mill motor

Review by Bob Middledorf on 8/23/2016

I'd been searching for a gear motor for my Cereal Killer grain mill for some time. The problem I was having was locating a gear drive motor that was the correct speed, voltage and shaft size at a reasonable price. Then I would need to source a coupler and some type of switch. When I received the email from Williams Brewing they had a complete kit and it was a great price I snapped it up! I assembled it this weekend. I haven't crushed any grain yet but it does run well and I have no reason to believe it won't meet or exceed my expectations. I'm very pleased with this purchase and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to motorize their grain mill.

Love it

Review by Ernie Smith on 10/22/2016

Received it and had it assembled within a couple hours. I brewed the following day and can't describe how nice it was to not have to use my cordless drill. Set it up on a pair of buckets, loaded it with grain and proceeded to prep the rest of my brew day stuff.

Well made

Review by PJ on 10/30/2016

I mounted this on a piece of 1/2 inch oak plywood. It turns at the perfect speed of 180 RPM with plenty of torque and does not bog down. Why work up a sweat, it gets hot enough while brewing. I would definitely recommend this kit!

Works for JSP Malt Mill

Review by Terry on 2/23/2017

This kit is a good way to motorize your mill without having to buy separate parts. I was able to adapt it to my JSP Malt Mill using a brass sleeve which had a 10 mm outside diameter. I used 1/8" aluminum shims to raise the mill to the correct level to match the motor.

Works great on my off-brand mill

Review by David on 4/19/2017

I picked up a mill super cheap several years ago, and have always ran it with a Harbor Freight drill. After seeing an article at on motorizing a malt mill with a direct drive motor - ie: no belts, pulleys or gear boxes, I started looking for a "package deal" - motor, motor mount, spider coupling, safety switch - and found this great deal at Williams. The installation instructions were a snap, and the modification on the spider coupling (using a vice and a hacksaw to reduce the mill-side coupling to a smaller diameter) worked perfectly. Using washers as shims under the motor mount worked perfectly to align the two shafts horizontally, and now milling my grain is a joy! With a more consistent slower speed, the shredding of the husks is greatly reduced, so much so that it initially looked like I was getting whole kernels going through, but when I checked, found just empty husks!

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Oct 12, 2019 by Mick

Q: How does grinding/cutting the coupler make it tighter, i.e. to fit a 9.5 mm shaft instead of 10 mm?

A: It lets you tighten the set screws further, decreasing the gap. This does not work in all cases, and you might need to look at Ebay or another source for a 12mm by 9.5mm spider coupler for a non Kegland mill.

May 27, 2019 by Rich J

Q: The pictures for the double and triple roller kit show the same model motor and same other parts. Is the difference just the coupler size for the drive shaft? Curious if I can upgrade to a three roller mill and use the same motor but with a bigger coupler

A: Yes, the only difference is the coupler. We now also include both a 12mm and 10mm shaft adapter in all motor kits to fit either the 2 Roller Maltmuncher or the 3 Roller Maltmuncher.

May 05, 2019 by awright42

Q: This is actually an answer for John L's question on reversing the motor. According to the image of the motor, the rotation can be reversed by swapping 2 of the 3 connections on the motor. Look at the wiring and rotation arrows on the label.

A: William's Brewing Responds: Thanks for the correction, but being a business that can be sued we must always remind people to seek a professional electrician when doing wiring.

Feb 24, 2019 by John L

Q: Can the shaft rotation be reversed with a switch? If so, is there documentation?

A: No

May 05, 2018 by Britt

Q: I purchased the kit and over torqued one half of the spider coupler that came with the kit. What size spider coupler came with the kit? It says 10mm but I don't think that's right as I've purchased a replacement 10mm spider coupler that doesn't fit.

A: It comes with a 12mm (for the motor shaft) and 10mm (for the Malt Muncher 2 roller mill shaft) coupler. These half coupler parts are item numbers X55 (12mm) and X05 (10mm) on our website.

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