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Motorize your Twin or Three Roller Grain Mill with our exclusive Mill Motor Kits. They feature a high torque motor with attached gearbox to avoid hazardous belts, and spin your rollers at the correct 180 rpm.

Our exclusive Paramount™ Kegging Systems eliminate hoses and the need for a large C02 bottle, for a compact easy to handle system that fits just about anywhere. 

Are you looking to make bottling easier? Look no further than our line of quality Italian-made bottle cappers, which feature heavy duty steel construction that will last for decades. Starting at only $69.99. 


Our William's Complete Home Brewery has everything you need to start brewing
quality beer at home, including an option to get a real 32 or 40 quart stainless BrewKettle with valve and a Wort Chiller. Shop around and compare, we do not think you will find another home brewing starter set that matches our quality and value.

With a William's Home Winery. Now improved, with a sturdy bench capper option (or bottle in beer bottles with your bottle capper). Make your own excellent California wine for under $3.00 per bottle.

Our line of proven Italian grape and fruit crushers starts at just $139.99. Shop around and compare, you will find our manual and motorized models are the best deal you will find in a quality Italian crusher.

The Mark II Wort Pump from Keg King is a great deal in a high temperature wort pump, and features magnetic drive, ½" thread wort inlets and outlets, and an optional stainless steel head (pictured).  Best of all, it sells from $69.99 to $99.99 (with optional stainless head).

Our Dual Controller has a separate plug for a refrigerator and for an electric heater, and will control both to maintain a steady temperature year round. Fully programmable, it can handle up to 13 amps, and is only $69.99.




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Roast Your Own Coffee & Save
Roast your own gourmet coffee with our home roasters and green coffee beans. Save money and drink fresher coffee – green coffee costs about half as much as roasted coffee, and the coffee you freshly roast is fresher than store bought coffee. We feature mix and match discounts on our line of quality green coffee beans if you buy eight bags or more.
William's California Wine Kits
Our line of California Wine Kits are made from local Lodi, Woodbridge, and Solano County grapes, picked at their peak and then gently concentrated. Click on the picture for more on our line of no-compromise red and white wine kits.