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Clean bottles quickly! After looking at the available brushes on the market, we have had a brush made, featuring a hand-tied tuft of nylon bristles on the end, to thoroughly scrub the otherwise hard to reach (and usually dirty) bottom of the bottle. We have added a hex fitting to fit any 3/8" chuck cordless drill. This brush is 15" long, for bottles up to 12” tall. Made in USA.


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on 6/9/2019
Still looking for the perfect brush
I've been using an 18" brush for 30 years on a drill.
I'm looking for a better one.  My bottles get clean, but
I notice 1.5 inches up the sides from the bottom bottles are
cloudy.  The brush can't get in there.  cf. other reviewer:
by Josh from CA on 10/17/2013.  Points to same neglected spot.
12 inches too short for my larger bottles.

Still looking for the perfect brush.
by Kiva Dobson
on 3/29/2019
from Lyle, WA
Superior brush
This brush is built for toughness. Our family has a small winery and we wash about 100 cases per year. In the past we have used the kind with foam pads that spin but this brush cleans quicker, better, and lasts much longer! Very glad I found this brush.
by Carl Fisher
on 7/19/2017
from North Carolina
Great for Hummingbird Feeder
I have 2 hummingbird feeders that are a little large - it looks like they are made from glass IV bottles.  Being this large with such a small access hole it has been a challenge to clean them.  This brush works great.  Have not had to use it with my cordless drill yet but if I need to I anticipate no problem
by Peter
on 6/4/2017
from Virginia
Cordless Drill Bottle Brush
This product is an excellent timesaver for homebrewers.   Cleaning bottles is somewhat time-consuming when done manually, but with the drill it can be done in about half the time.  I think the brush fits best in the 1/2 inch drill, altho it may fit some 3/8 inch, but not mine.  This is a quality product for the price and well worth purchasing for homebrewers looking to cut back on time spent without sacrificing cleanliness.    
by Joseph
on 6/7/2016
from Portland
Great Brush, Needed a Modification
I really like this brush! It saved a lot of time and arm work to be able to power-drill the bottles clean.

I did however have to make one difficult modification. The tip of the brush when I first got it had some bristles pointing straight down (good). After the first use, those bristles shot out to the sides, leaving one the bare metal rod making contact with the bottom of the bottles.

I had to twist the tip of the rod, curling it upwards toward the handle, to get downward facing bristles again. It worked, and the brush does just barely fit into the mouth of the bottles, but it was challenging to do.

I have another bottle brush, and this is how it looks, which is where I got the idea from.
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Gary P.
11/2/2016 12:46:24 PM
Will the brush work on wine bottles?
Yes it will, on sizes up to 750ml.
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