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Our Wort Chiller will cool up to 5 gallons of boiling wort to pitching temperature in 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of gallons boiled and tap water temperature. Quick wort cooling means the wort can be pitched with yeast as soon as possible, reducing the time it takes for fermentation, with its bacteria-shielding C02 gas, to begin. Sanitizing our Chiller is simple - just immerse in your boiling wort after you turn off the heat.

Made of soft, pure copper tubing, our Wort Chiller is adjustable by bending to fit virtually any 5 gallon or larger brewing pot. Featuring 17" tall inlet and outlet pipes, our Wort Chiller will fit inside all the brewing pots we sell, as well as the Mash & Boil.

Uses standard 3/8" interior diameter tubing, and includes a brass female hose fitting for attaching to a hose thread faucet. It can be easily adapted to kitchen faucets with the purchase of our Screw-On Adapter or Snap-Lock Adapters (see this items listed at right).  Will cool 5 gallons of wort to 80° F. or less in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on tap water temperature.

Includes a 25’ copper coiling coil, 12’ of 3/8” clear vinyl tubing (cut it to the lengths you prefer), 3 hose clamps, and a brass female hose fitting connector to fit a standard outdoor faucet. 17” high, 9 1/2” diameter when assembled.  


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by Reed Holderman
on 2/16/2020
from Oakland, CA
Feel the chill
Just tried my new wort chiller for the first time after years of thinking about buying one. In 20 minutes, it reduced my wort temperature to 75 degrees. Amazing! The only hassle, and it’s not much of one, is having to hook it up to my garden hose. My kitchen sink faucet has one of those fancy wands, so this was the only option. I made it work and do not miss pay alternative chilling (ie bathroom tub!) methods. Great product that works extremely well.
by Jim irgens
on 1/14/2019
from Texas
Wort chiller
I had trouble at first trying to get the tubing not to leak. I finally made it work but I had to really tighten the hose clamp and then I still had a little leak. It did cool the wort down fast.
by Perry Aitchison
on 10/14/2018
from NY
Not the size advertised.
Good product, but I bought it to fit in my Mash and Boil, as it was advertised at 22" to the bend at the top. Unfortunately it turned out to be 17", so I had to cut the feeder end to get the tubing on pointing up. The outgoing end can fit once the coil is expanded a bit. The only drawback is the fitting is now inside the pot instead of outside, but fortunately not in the trub! Works fine now.
by Brien
on 8/22/2018
from Old Lyme, CT
Great product
I had spoken with friends about the advantage of a wort chiller and their experience using one.  This chiller exceeded my expectations!!  I have well water so it’s pretty cold to start, but I batched outside on a hot August day and this chiller cooled the wort down to 85 degrees in like 15-20 minutes, amazing.  What a great time saver!!!
by Eric
on 3/19/2014
from Campbell
Great Chiller, just a little short for big batches
Got this for my 5 gallon pot and it worked great.  Ramped up to the 8 gallon and we had to jerry rig some coat hangers to keep the chiller connection from being submerged.  Otherwise, great device for starting out and can be used for pre-chilling a counter-flow in the future.
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2/14/2018 4:14:55 PM
How do l clean the copper in and out and what do I need?
As far as the outside, it will turn brown and dull after a use or two. This is normal and will not affect sanitation or ease of cleaning. We just rinse ours off after use, and let dry until the next use. As far as the inside, no need, as all that goes through this is water which never contacts the brew.
10/29/2017 6:47:18 AM
What is the height from the bottom coil to the top coil? Then the height of the the upright tubes. Thanks
The coil height is 4.5 inches although this can be easily expanded, accordian style, to be up to 9 inches, without passing the tubes.  The top of the tubes is 11 inches from the base, one tube is longer (11 inches) since it curves up from the bottom, and one shorter (six inches) since it begins at the top of the coil-- but when the chiller is in it's compacted shape the tops are around the same height.
9/17/2017 7:01:35 AM
Going to set this up in tandem with another chiller. Yours would go in to a bucket of ice water to pre chill my tap water. Need a connector from the exhaust tube of your coil to screw into my second coil. Do you carry one?
We do not have this piece, although the copper tube our chiller is made of has a 3/8" outer diameter.
4/19/2017 8:42:45 PM
Will the hose fit a normal kitchen sink faucet or is an additional attachment needed?
For use on an indoor faucet the adapter, part E18 is required.
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