• KegLand Cannular Canning Machine
  • With the optional Z25 power cord, you can use an 18 volt drill battery
  • This shows the precison wheels that bend and seal the can lid closed

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The KegLand Cannular can seamer is one of the most compact and easy to use benchtop can seamers around. With a single operator you can seam/seal the cans in under 5 seconds meaning this compact machine is suitable for small breweries or brewpubs doing small production runs. The Cannular comes with a die for a size 202 beer can lid.  Additional dies will be available in the future, but for right now, only cans with a size 202 lid can be canned on this machine. 

SAFE 24 VOLT POWER OPTIONS If you have ever used a can seamer you know that you can sometimes spill liquids while processing cans. As a result we have made the Cannular machine with 24v DC so even when you make a mess you don't have a risk of electrocuting yourself. This also makes the machine easier to clean and wash down.
An optional step down transformer (item X84) plugs into any 110 volt outlet. If you do not purchase this optional transformer, you need to get an Anderson Plug twin wire lead (our item Z25) so you can feed power into the Cannular Canning Machine.  Suitable DC power sources besides transformers include 18 or 20 volt cordless drill batteries, and even car batteries.

GO ANYWHERE & EASILY RECYCLED Cans are a fantastic choice for outdoor events, parties, pool events, or at the beach. Broken glass can be dangerous and difficult to clean up completely. Cans on the other hand are the safest choice in this respect.

LIGHT BLOCK  Many beverages especially beer can get damaged quickly due to light. If you expose many beers to sunlight for even 5 minutes the beer can become light damaged ("skunked"). Even softer light such as indoor lights will damage beer over time and noticeable skunking can occur with both incandescent and fluorescent light globes within hours. So unless you keep your glass bottles in the dark all the time you will compromise the beer quality. Aluminium cans solve this problem by blocking 100% of damaging light. Dimensions 14" depth x 9" wide x 20" height.

The Cannular Canning machine comes already adjusted to use the 500ml cans that we sell. If however you use different can sizes or the machine has become out of alignment in shipping you may need to adjust the Cannular.

Click HERE for adjustment instructions. Adjustment requires the use of wrenches provided with the Cannular as well as a metric feeler gauge (like the type used when fixing cars).


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by Bill T
on 9/18/2019
from Southern AZ
Works great, but no instructions and you need an apron
The price is great for a home canner, so I decided to risk it.  After receiving it I searched all thru the packing for instructions, but there were none.  I contacted Kegland, only to find that it does NOT come with instructions.  After an internet search I found some instructions and the David Heath videos, which I recommend.  I tried a can of water for my first try, and it worked perfectly.  I got a keg of beer and my beer gun and filled several cans.  I filled on foam, like recommended in the videos without any problems.  However, when you do this the spinning can shoots excess foam/beer in all directions, guaranteeing your chest will get soaked.  So I put some acetate shields up on the sides and I wear a plastic apron when canning.  I put the whole apparatus in a full-size sheet tray to contain the mess.  But the bottom line is that this works great with the cans supplied by Kegland.  And with some creativity, I make it work with shorter 16 oz cans which use the same lids. 
by Bobby
on 8/25/2019
from Portland
Easy once adjusted.
This canner is awesome. It is simple to use and once adjusted it had no leaks.
by Jon Berntsen
on 8/24/2019
from Tampa, FL
Worked Perfectly Right Out of the Box
My Cannular just arrived along with a case of the 500 ml cans.  I had two dented cans in the box which I decided to use as test runs...one with water and one with an IPA out of the keg.  Both cans sealed perfectly...no drips out of the water, and no leaks out of the IPA after agitation.  I must say I am impressed.  The build quality of this product is substantial.  This thing should be a part of the home brewery for years to come.   It is a bit noisy and it will sling foam, so be ready for some cleanup afterwards.  But overall, I am glad I went with this unit vs. others that are more than twice the price.  
by Nathan Chapman
on 8/14/2019
from CO
I haven't don't the caliper testing, but after wasting about 1/3 of the cans, I have yet to have gotten this thing to work properly. No matter how I adjust the can up and down, no can has held pressure and none have been carbonated. Ultimately the cans leak as soon as it's been seamed. So far this thing is junk, great concert but a POS.

William's Brewing Responds:  It sounds like your unit was not properly calibrated at the factory, or somehow became out of calibration in shipping. We are sending a prepaid Fedex return label so you can send it back to us for needed calibration.
by Tony L
on 8/10/2019
from MA
Works for me
I canned a few and did the caliper testing as suggested. The  overlapping inside seam between the can top and can itself was off. It was 0.96mm, longer than the minimum 0.4 mm but less than the ideal which is greater than 1 mm. 
The seam thickness was greater than what was suggested but it says that’s okay as long as you have the overlap. My cans seamed, didn’t leak, and appear to hold.  My only gripe is I downloaded the operational manual,  but nowhere does it say how to assemble the machine. I did know you had to remove the Allen screw to insert the handle for the turntable. I fiddled with that for a little before i realized it needed to come out. Either include paper assembly instructions with the canner or include them online with the manual. Otherwise I’m pleased. 
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7/29/2019 7:45:41 PM
Can it be powered with a 12 volt battery trickle charger?
We are not sure, it would depend o the model of charger and power output.
John Musso
7/25/2019 7:57:37 PM
I own a bosche anniallator 24 volt cordless hammer drill that runs on 24volt 3 amp hour batteries.Will the canner run on those without any issues?
It will run on your 24 volt DC tool batteries. It can sometimes be hard to get the alligator clips on the optional power lead to attach to drill batteries if they have smooth contacts (no place for the alligator clip to grip).
7/25/2019 9:27:06 AM
Can you can condition with this setup? If so, what sugar ratio do they suggest and are there any special steps?
Yes, we have used 4.5 ounces of sugar by weight for 5 gallons of beer. Make sure the beer has completely fermented out before canning - we recommend always using a secondary fermenter, and leaving the beer for a few extra days before canning, just to minimize the possibility of canning beer that is still fermenting.
Mike Ultee
7/25/2019 5:49:05 AM
Does this canner do counter-pressure filling with a CO2 tank hook up? If not, does it have a mechanism to flush the can with CO2 just prior to filling, like a beer gun?
No, although you can use something like Blichmann Beergun to fill your cans before sealing, or use the natural carbonation method (priming the beer before canning).
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