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This is the original Controller introduced in 1990. Strictly a mechanical thermostat for cooling only, it is simple to use and economical. It operates with a gas filled probe on a 6’ capillary tube. When the gas contracts or expands in the probe, it triggers a mechanical device inside the control which turns the power on or off.


The Controller features a 20° to 80° F. range, adjustable with the turn of a calibrated knob. There is no probe temperature readout on the dial, so keeping a thermometer inside the refrigerator is a good idea to keep track of the actual temperature. On most refrigerators, the Controller will allow a usable range of 37° to 80° F., while on freezers, the Controller will be able to reach its full 20° to 80° range, assuming the temperature outside the freezer is warmer or the same temperature as the temperature you desire. Like the Brewer’s Edge Controller II, keep in mind that if you use it to control a refrigerator, you will lose the use of the freezer compartment for food storage, as it will not stay cold enough for safe frozen food storage.

The Controller features a preset 31/2° differential. This means if you set the Controller to 60°F., it will cool to 56 1/2° F., shut off, and wait for the temperature to rise to 60° F. again. Like the built in 3° to 7° differential on all home refrigerators and freezers (the stock differential you will be overriding with the Controller), this prevents the compressor from repeatedly turning on and off to maintain a narrow temperature range, reducing wear. Keep in mind that beer (or wine) in a fermenter or in bottles does not fluctuate in temperature nearly as much as the surrounding air.

The Controller will drive up to a 12 amp (110 volt) refrigerator or freezer. It features a 6’ plug-in-a-plug power cord, which keeps power cords at the plug for safety. The 6 foot capillary cord probe tube, although not as flexible as the sensor wire on the Controller II (and not submersible), is only 1/16” diameter, so it can bend around a refrigerator or freezer door (drilling or cutting is not required). Mounting holes in the back of the case facilitate mounting this control on a wall, and a hanging chain is also provided. 1 year guarantee.

Frequently Asked Controller Questions

Question: If I put the probe of the Controller in a refrigerator/freezer in the refrigerator section, will the freezer also be regulated by the Controller?  What temperature will the freezer compartment be in this case?

Answer: The freezer compartment temperature will not be the same as the refrigerator, and will vary according to how you set the temperature of the refrigerator. When the Controller is regulating your refrigerator, the freezer will no longer be able to be used for safe cold food storage, as its regular temperature of around 0° F. will no longer be maintained. Generally, figure on the freezer being about 5-15 degrees colder than the temperature you set in the refrigerator compartment.


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by Doug
on 9/15/2015
from San Jose
Works great to serve the coldest beer in 3 states!
My retired parents love cold beer (as do I !) and began a snow-bird lifestyle living in AZ and IL for 6 months at a time. For a housewarming present I got them this controller and an ice cream freezer. I set it to 26 degrees and you cannot find colder beer in AZ. Been running since 2007.

I've since gotten myself one in CA, and for their original home in IL. The three coldest sources of beer in these three states is due to my implementation of this controller, which works flawlessly.

I expect most gourmet beer snobs to scowl at the idea of 26-degree beer, which is of no offense or consequence to me. :-)

Funny story- our usual beer is Blue Moon. I have the temperature perfectly dialed that a friend's Miller Lite came out frozen, while the Blue Moon was a fantastic colder-than-ice 26 degrees, in liquid form.
by Ben
on 1/27/2014
from Michigan
Have 2 of them now
One for my Keezer and one for maintaining fermentation temps. No need to spend the extra on the digital, this one works perfectly.

I placed prob in a sealed container full of bleach water (so it doesn't get gross) inside both my keezer and fermentation chamber... Keeps a better temperature of the liquids and not the air temp inside the freezer. 
by Doug
on 7/24/2013
Great little device
It's on its 3rd keezer in 12 years, and continues to work perfectly.  Mine is an older model of this excellent analog controller, and it has never failed me.  I keep it set at 45-50F in my porch room and it holds temp even in the 100+ degree Arizona summers.  I recommend immersing the probe in a 1-2 gallon jug of water inside the keezer to act as a heat buffer and to minimize the cycling of the keezer compressor motor. 
by Daniel
on 5/20/2012
from Orlando, FL
Does the trick
The dial setting isn't very accurate, but thermometer in the fridge is a good idea anyway. It does fluctuate 2 or 3 degrees, but that's by design. It saves your fridge compressor from cycling too often. I just ordered a second one for my keggerator... 1st one is on my fermentation/storage fridge and works great.
by Peter
on 9/6/2011
from Hatfield
Cost effective temperature control!
Cheapest temperature controller around, and works fine.  Unable to read electrical schematics, it's helpful that this comes pre-wired!  May not be 100% accurate, but I'm not a stickler for those details like some people are.  Getting another for my fermentation/lager fridge!
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