• Shown with the included 74 gram cartridge adapter installed (74 gram cartridge not included)
  • Here, the Micro Regulator is set at 5 PSI dispensing pressure

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Our Complete Ultimate Growler includes a first in portable growlers - a precise 0-30 PSI Micro Regulator that lets you set dispensing pressure to within 1-2 PSI. This results in an even flow during the entire dispense, and prevents the beer inside from losing or gaining fizz compared with injector type growlers.

Includes our Ultimate Growler double walled vacuum insulated stainless 64 ounce growler, along with a Ultimate Growler Dispensing Head, Micro C02 Regulator (adjustable from 0-30 PSI), and one 16 gram threaded C02 cartridge. 13" tall. Dispense beer and keep it fresh for weeks with C02. A built in pressure relief valve is included for safety.  Keep in mind that although the regulator is adjustable from 0-30 PSI, the pressure relief valve will release at 15 PSI, so this is not a vessel you can pressurize to more than 15 PSI. 13" tall.



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by Blake
on 1/25/2018
from Baton Rouge, LA
Exactly What I Was Looking For
This is a great product that does exactly what it says it will do. On top of that, it is much more affordable than many similar set-ups. I've already gone though two batches and it worked great each time.
by C
on 1/16/2018
from VA
Frustrating to use as sold
I mainly bought the growler for the ability to take my pre-carbed beer to friends houses. I have had issues with this dispensing system since day 1:
-The chrome plating chipped off the 16g cartridge adapter in shipping. Cosmetic but annoying. 
-The sealing cap is difficult to remove and the dispensing cap is even worse. I eventually ended up getting a 1 gal keg and attached the regulator/dispenser via ball lock quick connects. 
-The mini-regulator pressure relief valve opens if I go above 8 psi. I just use the regulator for dispensing so its not as much of an issue but the regulator does not act as advertised (opening at 15 psi is what is claimed, even though the regulator dial goes to 30 psi).
-The picnic tap is cheap and broke after 1 use. I ended up replacing it with a spare tower tap and adapter. 
Overall, I would just buy the mini-regulator and forget the growler. 

William's Responds:  Sorry about this, it sounds like the Dispensing Head you received was not the way it should be. We are sending a replacement today which should release at 15 PSI and have a tap that does not break.
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Eric Montgomery
6/22/2018 8:41:23 PM
Can these be used effectively as "mini kegs"?
If you add the optional Dispensing Head, you can consider them 64 ounce kegs.
1/26/2018 6:41:31 PM
Does this growler system come with a lid so you can take it to tap house to be filled and not have to bring the tap system?
Yes, it comes with a lid as well as the dispensing head.
1/9/2018 7:56:03 AM
Does this "Ultimate Growler" come with the standard growler swing top lid as well as the pressurized system?
11/27/2017 1:19:00 AM
Looking at other 64 oz pressurized growlers, prices seem double this. Wondering if it’s a too-good-to-be-true scenario, any thoughts?
We find our Ultimate Growler works very well.
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