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Are you looking for a single vessel brewery to do double batches? Do you have a dedicated 220 volt power outlet plug like the type used by window air conditioners or portable welders? Then consider the 17 gallon capacity Brewzilla 3.1 65 Liter Brewery for your 10 gallon batches. This 220 volt 15 amp brewery has over 3kw of power so you can get up to boil in no time.  Maximum grain capacity is 36 lbs.

The Brewzilla 65 Liter has been made with ultra low watt density elements. This means less caramelisation and also makes this brewery capable of producing very light beers with very little maillard effect. The lower watt density also means the elements are much easier to clean. Cleaning is one of the worst parts about all grain brewing but single vessel breweries like this minimize this pain and make it fast to clean up. When the recirculation arm and lid are off the dimensions are 26" x 26" x 34" tall. The 220 plug included is a NEMA 6-30P (see picture above), which plugs into a NEMA 6-30R 15 amp 220 volt receptacle.

Click HERE for an instruction manual.

NOTE: The Brewzilla 65 Liter requires a 220 volt outlet and will not work on a 110 volt outlet, nor with a step up transformer, as its power draw is too great for 110 volts.


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by Mark Lloyd
on 8/3/2019
from NC
Brewzilla 65L
Impressive and very functional design. Coming from a 3 vessel brew system I was looking to reduce space and simplify my brew day including clean-up. The Brewzilla 65L checked all the boxes for me.
The three heaters performed great! Easily boiling 13 gallons in a most reasonable time. Maintain mash temp was a breeze and the built in pump performed flawlessly. 
Will be getting a hop spider for future batches because the bottom screen catches all the hops to the point of restricting water transfer above the heaters. 
Over all a great unit and Williams Brewing is Tops!  
Review and Rate this Item
2/17/2020 8:37:38 PM
Does this unit come with the silicone tubing to attach to the either the drain spout or the pump spout?
It comes with a short piece of tubing to attach to the re-circulation arm. It is only about a foot long, so you might want a longer piece for the drain. The tubing is 1/2" inner diameter. We recommend our silicone tubing item J58 which is sold by the foot.
Dov L-N
12/3/2019 11:41:03 AM
My 220v receptacle is different from this plug. Looks to me like it's type Nema 14-30r. Can I use a 6-30p to 14-30r adapter and run the Brewzilla in my kitchen? I found 1 by AC Works @Home Depot & 1 @Amazon; expensive, but I'll spend $60 if it'll work!
We can't recommend you make any changes to the power cord. Please consult with a licensed electrician.
6/28/2019 4:53:27 PM
Just a comment> There are actually TWO types of plugs pictured. One is in the discrete picture. The other is at the end of the cord in the picture showing the bottom of the vessel, and is common in OZ. Should be obvious, but you never know.
The discrete picture is the correct plug, the other one in the picture of the bottom of the unit is the plug for the Australian market, which is not on our units.
6/27/2019 12:10:21 PM
What sort of 220 plug does this have? Is it the same as a window mount air conditioner?
It has a Nema 6-30P, which connects to NEMA 6-30R receptacle in a 220 volt 30 amp circuit. This is the same plug used in larger window mount air conditioners, portable electric heaters, air compressors, and heavy duty welders.
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