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If you have ever squinted to read the finishing gravity on your standard hydrometer, or wondered if it really had dropped 1/2° since yesterday, our Brewer's Edge Bottling Hydrometer is for you. Features a very slender stem attached to a large, bulbous float for the ultimate in sensitivity.

Hand calibrated, our Bottling Hydrometer is an ideal second hydrometer for those who wish to precisely monitor finishing gravity. Measures from 1.000 to 1.040 specific gravity in 1° calibrations that are twice as large as on our full range hydrometers. 12" long. Imported.

This closeup shows the precise scale of the Brewer's Edge Bottling Hydrometer.


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by David Beth
on 2/13/2020
from Goldfield, Nevada
Easy to Use
Bigger numbers and easier to read for tired old eyes.
by Chris
on 12/1/2019
from Salinas
Easy to read
Very easy to read,
 and very easy to break.
I enjoyed the ease of use while taking my first gravity reading.
The numbers are very large and super easy to read.
My trouble was that after trying to very delicately remove
 this hydrometer from the hydrometer jar on my first reading the upper portion snapped as I was holding it horizontally for a split second.
It was my fault for thinking the ultra thin top would support 
the heavy bottom. 
This is a great hydrometer just know that you have to handle 
it very delicately.  
by JP
on 4/11/2019
from NM
Overall this is a very good hydrometer.  Large enough scale and well marked increments.  Works good for final gravity readings.  Liked it so much I bought a total of three.  That said it has two design weakness issues.  The identical product last year was smaller in diameter and fit well into the standard hydrometer jar.  This model is larger in diameter and you will need to shop elsewhere for a suitable, wider clear glass hydro jar.  Second, the stem is very fragile and breaks easily - I broke two last year.  I am now exceptionally careful handling, pick it straight up, place it straight down.  Never lay it down flat and pick it up by the stem.  Slight bumps using or cleaning will easily fracture off the stem.  
by Richard
on 4/9/2019
from Southern CA
Fragile, but accurate
I used to buy cheap sunglasses and I would always loose them.  Then I bought an expensive pair and have had and enjoyed them for years because I took better care of them.  This hydrometer needs a lot of care to avoid breaking, but it is very accurate and easy to read.
by Vlad
on 11/9/2018
from New York
Does not appear to be particularly accurate.
It's beautiful and well made.  If I test a sample with three different hydrometers two of them read within .002 of one another.  The bottling hydrometer always reads .005 lower than either of them.
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