• Brewer's Edge® 40 Quart Brewkettle
  • Gallon markers are permanently embossed
  • Sturdy welded handles with silcone grips for easy lifting

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This 40 quart .026" thickness 200 grade stainless pot is ruggedly constructed, and features a ½" nickel plated brass ball valve.  Gallon markers from 1 to 10 are embossed on the side of the pot, and sturdy welded silicone covered handles make it easy to lift.

The ball valve features weldless attachment via a lock nut and silicone washer, and a 1/2" NPT outlet to accept hose barbs (recommended, see links below).  Not recommended for glass top electric stoves (use a gas stove or outdoor burner). Includes pictured stainless steel matching lid.14" tall, 16" diameter.

The valve also features 3/8" NPT female threads on the interior to accept the Brewer's Edge KettleScreen stainless filter screen. (see link below). The KettleScreen functions as a screen for mashing, and removing whole hops from the boil (it tends to get clogged with large amounts of pellet hops).

Not recommended for use with induction stoves.


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by David
on 4/3/2018
from Indiana
Very wide SS pot, great for 5 gallon high gravity
This pot is very wide and allows a lot of surface area for a strong boil. The weldless valve fits well and works great with the 3/8" kettle screen. The pots handles aren't the strongest but can move 6 gallons of wort without issues. I will recommend this cheap entry pot for all beginner brewers.
by RobJ
on 6/4/2016
from Miami FL
Great Boil Kettle
I got this because of a sale.  Initially went for the 32qt but the sale price of the 40 qt just could not be beat.  This appears to be more pot than I require however if I were to go All Grain, it would be perfect for 5 g batches.  I also purchased the 1/2" Brass hose barb, and received the ball valve and kettle screen in addition.  Everything works perfectly.  I've used it once so far and am very pleased. This does require a burner and not a stove.  Happy Brewing! 
by Joshua
on 7/4/2014
from Claremont
Updated Handles...Excellent Brew Pot
I bought the last version and the handles broke after minimal use.  Williams was awesome and sent me a replacement pot.  It is great: sturdy and well built.  Williams rocks!
by Thomas
on 5/24/2014
from Sugar Land, TX
40 q Pot
No complaits. I use a kettle screen and weldless thermometer. The lid has a hole in the center for an additional thermomter if desired. The edge is notched to accept a work chiller. I start with a 6-6.5 gal boil. You have to a bit attentive so avoid a boilover.
by Duane
on 5/24/2014
from San Jose
Great for 6.5 gallon boils
This is my goto pot when extract brewing 5 gallon batches.  It's light, stable, sits on my turkey burner and does a great job.  In addition, it used to store equipment when not brewing.
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Lou silvestri
4/23/2017 4:38:30 AM
Will this be okay for a regular kitchen gas stovetop or is this 8 gallon too big?
Yes, as long as it is a gas stove, the pot will straddle two burners, but should work.
2/16/2017 10:59:01 AM
I ran a test boil with this pot on an Anvil propane burner, and came up with an evaporation rate of about 25% per hour. Does that seem reasonable?
This sounds okay, vary the heat on the burner to change the evaporation rate.
2/2/2017 4:35:19 PM
Where are these made?
These are made in China
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