• Brewer's Edge® 32 Quart Brewkettle
  • Embossed gallon markers will never wear off
  • Silicone-covered handles for heat protection

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This 32 quart .030" thickness 200 grade stainless pot features a ½" nickel plated brass ball valve. Embossed gallon markers make it easy to hit your target volume, and silicone insulated handles make it safer to handle. The ball valve features weldless attachment via a lock nut and silicone washer, and a 1/2" NPT outlet to accept hose barbs with 1/2" male NPT threads. Includes pictured stainless steel matching lid. 13½" tall, 14½" diameter. Not recommended for glass top electric stoves (traditional burner electric stoves work, as do all gas stoves).

The valve also features 3/8" NPT female threads on the interior to accept the optional Brewer's Edge KettleScreen stainless filter screen. The KettleScreen functions as a screen for mashing, and removing whole hops from the boil (it tends to get clogged with large amounts of pellet hops).

We have tested this on an induction cooktop, and found that an inexpensive 1800 Watt Duxtop brand induction cooktop got 6 gallons boiling in about 90 minutes. However, customer using other brands of induction stoves have reported mixed results, so we do not recommend ordering this if you have an induction stove.


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by Chris
on 3/18/2019
from Salinas
Great value
This is a great pot and for the money it’s a great value. 
My first brew pot was very thin and worked great for over 15 years. My next pot was much thicker and heavier and performed the same as my old thin pot. This pot is in between thickness levels of my old pots and is plenty heavy duty enough for boiling malt on my propane burner and with the ball valve at the bottom it’s great to just open the valve at the end of the boil and have the wort flow into a counterflow wort chiller and in one pass through (gravity flow no pump needed) the chilled wort can flow into your fermentor on top of the yeast.
It’s a great time to be a home brewer with all this easily acessable and reasonable equipment. 
Thanks to Williams Brewing You can be a brew meister with very little effort.
by RustyRazorBrewing
on 7/5/2018
from San Diego, CA
Great Value for the Price
As others have written, it takes a good scrubbing to get all the manufacturing schmootz out of the inside, but once done and passivated, I've brewed a number of beers with this kettle, all with great success.
by Tom
on 10/14/2017
from Seneca SC
Brewed my first time and worked great. Glad I purchased it. 
by Lester Loyer
on 11/23/2016
from MI
Great quality has many uses 
by Pete
on 5/14/2016
from Fishers, IN
8 Gallon Kettle is Great for 5 gallon batches
Had previously been using a 7 gallon stainless kettle with no discharge valve.  Boilovers were a constant threat  for 5 gallon batches and the discharge was relatively slow using a siphon.

This 8 gallon kettle with bottom discharge valve makes the boilover threat much lower as the liquid level is well below the top of the vessel.  5 gallon batch was discharged in less than 2 min into the fermenter after cooling,
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8/12/2018 9:43:11 PM
Why is this brew kettle not recommended for glass top stoves?
Generally, most electric stoves are too weak to bring such a large quantity of liquid to a boil.
2/2/2018 8:12:20 AM
Is it possible to buy this kettle without the valve?
No, they come predrilled with the valve.
1/21/2018 7:31:52 PM
What are the dimensions of the kettle?
13½" tall, 14½" diameter. 
woodrow F
4/5/2017 6:03:31 AM
does this 32 quart pot work on an outdoor propane burner?
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