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Belgian Triples can be deceptively smooth and refreshing, with their strong alcohol content sneaking up on you like a corner on a two lane road that gets tighter half way through. Our Belgian Triple is a strong Belgian Ale with a rich dry estery character that gives some warning of its strength. Unlike some(almost blonde) commercial examples of this style, our Belgian Triple is amber in color, and quite dry in the finish, with the sweetness balanced as much with an estery yeast flavor as with hops. Alcohol: 7.7%, IBU’s 30

Includes 12 pounds of Belgian extract and pale beet sugar, flavoring and aromatic hops, 125 ml of liquid ale yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.083 Ease of Brewing: Intermediate

Save a lot of money. Belgian ales of this strength and quality sell for $8.00 and up per 24 ounce bottle in a liquor store. You can brew the equivalent of 24 twenty four ounce bottles of William's Belgian Triple for around $2.00 a bottle!

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This shows our Triple after only 7 days in the bottle. It is a little yeasty here, and clears out more completely in 2 to 3 weeks.


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by Ron Phaneuf
on 2/19/2019
from Redstone, CO
Superb Trippel
This kit was my 85th batch of homebrew and only my third from a kit. It started with a gravity of 1.083 and finished at 1.010 after 10 days in the primary and 15 in the secondary fermenter, all without aeration at 60-65 degrees. I sampled it two weeks later and was delighted. It is true to the style, delicate and thoroughly refreshing, even at more than 9% ABV. The taste is still developing in complexity and the clarity of this light amber is excellent. I have made candi syrup previously for a Dubbel and was a bit nervous about using beet sugar. There was no need to worry. I rank it my best brew of the 85 so far and recommend it highly to any intermediate homebrewer.
by BobBrews
on 3/27/2015
from Wisconsin
Passes the taste test and exceeds expectations.
What can I say? It is a very good beer. It's not a session beer by any means. A good evening beer with sweet dreams ahead. 
by John Vossler
on 9/17/2014
from Colorado
Great wheat beer
This is a great Belgian triple. This needs to be well oxygenated and I agree with some other reviewers that it could use an additional liquid yeast pack when pitching. I have brewed this kit a few times (I lose count) and the last batch gave a much higher attenuation due to good oxygenation and a small amount of yeast nutrient.
by David
on 9/16/2014
from Crestwood
Time in a Bottle
I am a fan of the Quad and was going to order another one when I thought I would try the Triple instead. Brewed on 31 May, used a yeast starter and O2. Excellent fermentation, OG 1.099 (?), FG 1.032. Tried it three weeks after bottling to ensure carbonation and it was very good. Not sure if it measures up to the Quad because, like all big, complex beers, it needs to age. I brewed the Dark Strong just prior to this so now I will have one of each - side by side - to enjoy in the future!
by Crows Nest
on 5/30/2014
from Danville
Belgian Triple Wheat
This is my third batch of this kit. Friends and family can't get enough of it. Very smooth wheat beer, with a pronounced kick. Nice color and good head retention for a wheat beer.

Needs to be well aerated in order to complete fermentation.
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Vigo Carpathian
12/27/2016 12:36:17 AM
What yeast does this kit use?
Our Belgian Triple uses Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale
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