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Bear Paw IPA features a tasty blend of pilsner and pale ale malt, balanced with plenty of Simcoe and Cascade hops. The result is a beer with a crisp delicate malt flavor that is not caramelized, and a rich deep citrus hop character. Alcohol: 6%, IBU’s 69.

Includes 13 pounds of crushed pale and pilsner malt, three hop additions, and priming sugar. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of 1.059.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Note: Needed Y36, U01, or Y11 ale yeast is not included, you will be given yeast purchase options once you put this in your cart.



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by Jim
on 9/21/2018
from Bullhead City AZ
Bear paw IPA
Bear paw IPA kit came without the priming sugar I had just the right amount leftover from another brew 
by JJ
on 3/10/2018
from Colorado
Great stuff
We hit the OG of 1.060 and then 6 days into the fermentation it slowed quite a bit.  It wasn't a crazy rapid, overflowing fermentation, but somehow it was completed at 1.010 in less than 12 days.  Bottled and tasted before bottling and it is very tasty.  We will try in about a week to see where we are, but i expect this to be very tasty.  
by Jason
on 9/28/2017
from Las Vegas
secret language beer Just say Black Bear Party Crasher
Black Bear Party Crasher! It's a Grizzly bear wearing a California black bear costume. He crashes the party by Spiking the the mash with some 1# crystal 120, 1# German carafa 420L and the sneaky grizzle ~cough black bear, he adds the pound of corn sugar at the end. He sneaks these all into the Robo brew when the other bears are looking. The black bears wonder why their receipt needs 2 extra gallons to mash, and 1 extra to sparg. I think that sneaky old grizzle wants to take advantage of the bear honey stores. 😁 
by Stephen Weiss
on 3/1/2017
from Georgia
Great Milk stout
Tastes better then the origional
by sandslinger
on 6/6/2016
from phoenix
Great IPA
Packaging was one bag of crushed grain and three bags of hops. I think this is better than 13 one pound bags of grain like some kits use. Three late Hop Additions,  I reserved some of the first hop addition and used it along with the last. I used S-05, Irish Moss and some Yeast nutrient. Active in 12 hours and finished at 1.006. The grain crush was a little fine for my BIAB. All said and done - Great Aroma and Great taste, Great Price!
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Jerry Young
5/14/2017 12:27:52 AM
I have the Brewers edge mash and boil # B27 will this all grain kit work with it?
Yes, use 4 gallons of strike water for the 13 pounds of crushed malt in this kt.
4/16/2017 12:39:56 PM
I have misplaced the priming sugar. What amount should I use?
We use 4½ oz. per batch.
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