Brewer's Edge® Sparge Water Heater

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• Simplicity - No adjustments, just plug it in and wait for the green light
• Quality double wall construction for more efficiency
• Choose from 750 or 1500 watts depending on your circuit capacity

On your brew day, the last thing you want to think about is sparge water. If you want something as simple and easy to use as possible, so you can concentrate on your brewing process, the Brewer's Edge® Sparge Water Heater is the solution. It heats up to 4 gallons of sparge water to precisely 168° F., and is a perfect companion to the Mash & Boil, Grainfather, or Robobrew. 

Features a preset temperature of 168° F. which is digitally controlled to plus or minus 2°.  The great thing about this is how simple it is - just fill the Sparge Water Heater with the gallons desired, plug in, and choose either 750 or 1500 watts depending on how loaded your circuit is. Then wait for the green light and you are ready to sparge!  It generally takes about 45 minutes to heat 4 gallons when using 1500 watts, or 2 hours when using 750 watts (this time can be shortened considerably by filling the unit with hot water from your tap).  Double wall construction means the Brewer's Edge Sparge Water Heater holds heat better than competing units, and costs less to run as it is better insulated than a single wall heater. It will run for hours and hold your sparge water ready at precisely 168° F. 

The included high flow valve will dispense 2 quarts in 20 seconds, and can be locked into an open position.

It does not have gallon markers, but 1 gallon is 2.75" from the bottom as measured with a tape measure, 2 gallons is 5.5" from the bottom, 3 gallons is 8.25" from the bottom, 4 gallons is 11" from the bottom, and the MAX fill line is set at 4.25 gallons.

All 304 stainless construction.  22" tall, 12" wide.

Formerly item B88

Average rating 8.2 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Worked great for first outing

Review by Bob Hoffman on 4/17/2018

Recently purchased, I used the Brewers Edge Sparge Water Heater along with an electric brew system. The sparge water heater worked flawlessly, most notably heated the water to 168 degF in about 30 minutes. I was considering an”Igloo Cooler” until I found this solution, which allows you to heat the sparge water in parallel with the brew system, reducing brew session hours. Great purchase!

Seems solid

Review by Destiny on 5/11/2018

I’ve only used it twice so far. When both heating elements are on it heated up 4.5 gallons under an hour. I don’t know how accurate the gallon markings on sight glass viewer checked but they seem close. No valve issues. It seems solid and simple to operate. Recommed to any home brewer. Great addition to any elecetric brewery but seems to be equally useful for the BIAB as well.

Gets the job done

Review by Bill R on 9/24/2018

Used it for the first time on Sept 22. At the 750 watt setting, it took 1 hr. 15 min to reach the sparge temperature, Did not use the 1500 watt setting since I was running a Grainfather on the same circuit. The higher setting would likely reach the 168 degree sparge temperature much sooner, but if you just get the heater started at an earlier time, it will be ready before the mash is finished and will hold the temperature and be ready for sparging--so the time to heat is not an issue.The gauge on the water level instrument could display the temperature more clearly--tiny numbers/blue paint. The water valve appears to have only one setting for dispensing the water--open/close-no in between to control the flow. Easily takes 1/2 in. diameter clamped (not tight!) hose for dispensing sparge water. Hit target gravity exactly. Gets the job done.


Review by Jerry Jones on 10/15/2018

Why isn't there a locking connection on the spout? Seems to me this would strengthen your confidence when using it.

Good but could be great

Review by Dave on 9/28/2019

its nice and convenient, but if it were 5 gallons instead of 4 you could use it more universally. Plus the nozzle is the type you expect from a coffee dispenser. I actually put the same type of ball valve the Brewer's edge mash and boil has on it, took about half an hour to do, but now I can sparge directly out of the unit, where with the original you had to put the water into a pitch and pour it, not really a show stopper, but with a better nozzle it becomes a much more useful unit.

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Jul 18, 2019 by Sean

Q: Can you replace the plastic spigot with a ball valve?

A: The spigot appears to have a nut on the inside securing the tap to the unit. We have never tried to remove one before, so can't say for sure.

Feb 12, 2019 by Brian

Q: What is the operating temperature range? I see in previous question the max is 170F. What is the minimum and can the temp be controlled in increments between min and max?

A: The temperature is preset from the factory and has no adjustment. When the green light comes on the water has reached 168°F.

Mar 05, 2018 by John

Q: Can the spigot be changed out to accommodate 1/4 turn valve so that camlock fittings could be used to transfer water?

A: No, it has a plastic spigot with an integral sight tube. ½" silicone tubing can be affixed to the end of this valve for transferring.

Mar 02, 2018 by John

Q: Can I adjust the sparge temperature?

A: No, it is preset to 168° F, plus or minus 2°. This is much more accurate than competing units.

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