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The Brewer’s Edge Fermentation Space Heater is specially designed for use with the Keg King Dual Controller, Uni-Stat, Mash Heat Control (or other precision heating thermostat) to heat the inside of a refrigerator or other small (25 cubic foot or less) insulated area. This flexible 1/8” thick vinyl heater features an self-adhesive back, so it can be permanently mounted on an interior wall of a refrigerator, without taking up any usable space in the refrigerator. During the Summer, just leave it affixed to the refrigerator without plugging it in.

The Fermentation Space Heater draws only 25 watts of power, yet is powerful enough to keep a small enclosed insulated area (25 cubic feet or less) 20° warmer than the surrounding air. This means you can, with the heater plugged into the Controller II, precisely heat a closed refrigerator, freezer, or other small insulated area. Even if your refrigerator is in an unheated garage that gets down to 42°F. during the winter, you can still brew an ale that requires a 60° - 65° fermentation temperature. This heater is not an immersion heater, and is not intended to be installed on or under a fermenter. 8” by 12” in diameter, with a 6’ power cord.


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by P B
on 1/10/2017
from Maryland
Brewers edge space heater
 I use this for my fermentation chamber that I made out of a small chest freezer. The temps in my house in the winter keep falling below my target temperatures, and rather than heat the house excessively while I'm gone during the day, I bought this to place inside the chest freezer to keep that smaller space a more regulated temperature, and I have found this to be an incredible product! Just like the description says it does not heat excessively, has a very low power output, which gently warms the space to keep it at the target temperature, and won't damage the side of the freezer. Since I it adheres to the wall, you don't lose any space.
by Danny
on 11/30/2016
from CA SouthBayArea
Works good
Use this in a GDM-10 True fridge. It doesn't work fast but it gets the job done. Have a 14 gallon blichmann conical in there and it takes over an hour to raise the internal temp to goal, which is about 2-3 degrees above the trigger temp. It's getting cold the garage, 50s, and this keeps the conical at good fermentation temps for my ales.
by Matt
on 1/27/2016
from Springfield
Works as advertised
Since the Missouri winters can drop below ideal fermentation temps, I bought this space heater to provide the necessary heat for my fermentation chamber (aka garage refrigerator).  I use it in conjunction with the Keg King temp controller and it works great!  I just laid the heater on the floor of the fridge and sat my fermenter on a wire shelf above it.  I would buy it again.
by Vinayak
on 5/10/2015
from Suwanee
exactly what my ferm fridge needed
i have a 7 cu ft chest freezer that i converted to a fermentation chamber... i used a stc-1000 controller for the cooling and am using this for the heating. it heats up quick and helps me regulate temp as i want down to  +/- 1 degree... highly recommend
by Kenneth
on 4/23/2015
from eden
Good, but not ideal
I own 2 conical fermenters, and I use this along with another heating element to regulate temperatures within my fridges. The adhesive pads do stick very well, and produce heat, but someone needs to create an effective heating element to attach to conicals, due to the steel.  This product does what it says, but the cost is a factor, and other products that have direct contact to your fermenter, along with a temp controller is ideal. Think before you pay.
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12/10/2016 3:11:01 PM
Does this require a metal backing? Can I use this on the side of my outside cat house for warmth in the winter?
It can be affixed to plastic or wood, and does not require a metal backing. It is not rated for outdoor use, so do not expose to the weather. When fully heated, it is very warm, but safe to touch.
Richard C.
11/1/2016 11:56:19 AM
When used in a 6 or 7 cubic ft. chest freezer, with a temperature control, how high can this Space Heater reach?
If left on all the time, figuring an ambient temperature of 65° F, your chest freezer should reach the mid 80's as far as temperature. 
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