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This 40 quart deep drawn .026" thickness 200 grade stainless pot features seamless construction, and a ½" nickel plated brass ball valve. The ball valve features weldless attachment via a lock nut and silicone washer, and a 1/2" NPT outlet to accept hose barbs (recommended, see links below).  Not recommended for glass top electric stoves (use a gas stove or outdoor burner). Includes pictured stainless steel matching lid.14" tall, 16" diameter.

The valve also features 3/8" NPT female threads on the interior to accept the Brewer's Edge KettleScreen stainless filter screen. (see link below). The KettleScreen functions as a screen for mashing, and removing whole hops from the boil (it tends to get clogged with large amounts of pellet hops).

We tested this with an inexpensive 1800 watt Duxtop brand induction cooktop, and found it took 3 hours for 6 gallons of 60 degree F. water to come to a boil in a 62 degree F. room. We then boiled a batch of beer and it boiled very slowly, but enough to complete the process. So this can be used with induction cooktops, but we recommend more wattage than 1800. If you are going to use a small 1800 watt induction cooktop, it is probably better to get our R19 Brewer's Edge 32 Quart BrewKettle.


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by RobJ
on 6/4/2016
Great Boil Kettle
I got this because of a sale. Initially went for the 32qt but the sale price of the 40 qt just could not be beat. This appears to be more pot than I require however if I were to go All Grain, it would be perfect for 5 g batches. I also purchased the 1/2" Brass hose barb, and received the ball valve and kettle screen in addition. Everything works perfectly. I've used it once so far and am very pleased. This does require a burner and not a stove. Happy Brewing!
by Joshua
on 7/4/2014
Updated Handles...Excellent Brew Pot
I bought the last version and the handles broke after minimal use. Williams was awesome and sent me a replacement pot. It is great: sturdy and well built. Williams rocks!
by Thomas
on 5/24/2014
40 q Pot
No complaits. I use a kettle screen and weldless thermometer. The lid has a hole in the center for an additional thermomter if desired. The edge is notched to accept a work chiller. I start with a 6-6.5 gal boil. You have to a bit attentive so avoid a boilover.
by Duane
on 5/24/2014
Great for 6.5 gallon boils
This is my goto pot when extract brewing 5 gallon batches. It's light, stable, sits on my turkey burner and does a great job. In addition, it used to store equipment when not brewing.
by Chad
on 3/18/2014
used this thin bottom Kettle for 2 years and had no problems with a propane burner. Sold it for $50 towards a 80qt kettle. The new user liked it just fine also.
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