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This 32 quart .030" thickness 200 grade stainless pot features a ½" nickel plated brass ball valve. The ball valve features weldless attachment via a lock nut and silicone washer, and a 1/2" NPT outlet to accept hose barbs (recommended, see links below). Includes pictured stainless steel matching lid. 13½" tall, 14½" diameter. Not recommended for glass top electric stoves (traditional burner electric stoves work, as do all gas stoves).

The valve also features 3/8" NPT female threads on the interior to accept the optional Brewer's Edge KettleScreen stainless filter screen. The KettleScreen functions as a screen for mashing, and removing whole hops from the boil (it tends to get clogged with large amounts of pellet hops).

We have tested this on an induction cooktop, and found that an inexpensive 1800 Watt Duxtop brand induction cooktop got 6 gallons boiling in about 90 minutes. So this will work with an induction cooktop, but we would recommend more than 1800 watts for best performance.


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by Pete
on 5/14/2016
8 Gallon Kettle is Great for 5 gallon batches
Had previously been using a 7 gallon stainless kettle with no discharge valve. Boilovers were a constant threat for 5 gallon batches and the discharge was relatively slow using a siphon. This 8 gallon kettle with bottom discharge valve makes the boilover threat much lower as the liquid level is well below the top of the vessel. 5 gallon batch was discharged in less than 2 min into the fermenter after cooling,
by Crows Nest
on 6/1/2014
A good brew kettle
I brewed recently and was able to get a good rolling boil,and was surprised to see how quickly it emptied into the fermenter through the 1/2 inch ball valve. I have to say its a good all around kettle for the price
by Leonard
on 5/27/2014
Great pot great price
Very good price for a large pot it's almost like getting a free installed valve. The shape is great for brewing, tall and narrow. Fits my propane burner, which is the standard burner you get with a turkey fryer, perfectly. With the lid slightly open a 5-gallon brew can almost be ignored for an hour as it doesn't boil over.
by Thomas
on 5/25/2014
32 quart brew kettle
This is a great brewkettle.I also purchased the hose attachment.Transfering your finished wart to your fermenter is very easy.You can make a 10 gallon batch of beer with plenty of room to spare.
by Christopher
on 1/29/2014
great upgrade
made the upgrade to do full 5 gallon all grain boils with. Using it with a propane burner. My biggest boil to date is about 7.25 gallons. Excellent little pot for a good price!
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