Brass Check Valve

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For your regulator or two line adapter. This male 1/4" NPT by 1/4" male beverage flare will screw into the bottom of a standard regulator, and allow gas to flow out but not in. The 1/4" male beverage flare outlet fits our D66 barbed adapter, and standard female 1/4" flare fittings.

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What this is, and is not...

Review by Jeff on 1/31/2016

I bought these to replace the barb on my regulator with a 1/4" flare. This may have probably worked if I didn't have a shutoff valve. So this WILL NOT replace the barb on a shutoff valve that comes with pretty much every regulator. I probably should have just bought a shutoff valve with 1/4" flare. Live and learn...

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