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The Behmor 1600 AB Plus Roaster can roast 1/4 to 1 pound of green coffee at a time, making it the largest capacity home coffee roaster available. The Behmor features patented catalytic converter technology smoke reducer, although if you roast 1 pound of coffee at a time, smoke will be produced, so put this in a well vented area when using. When comparing to the Gene Cafe drum roaster, the Behmor has less visibility of the roasting coffee, more capacity, and less ability than the Gene Cafe to achieve really dark roasts.

Features 8 customer pre-programmed time controls, and 5 custom pre-programmed heat/roast profile controls, so you can vary the amount of heat the roaster produces during the 15 to 20 minute roast as well as the time. Automatic system diagnostic and troubleshooting is programmed into the unit as well.

This machine is ideal if you want to roast a lot of coffee at once, and do not like to roast to extremely dark French Roast levels, as the Behmor has fire safeguards which strongly discourage really dark roasts (look at the Gene Cafe if you want your roasted coffee black and shiny). A scale is needed when using the Behmor to accurately weigh out the 1/4, 1/2, or 1 pound of green coffee needed to correspond to the Behmor's preset coffee weight roast profiles (the proper roast is dependent on the exact weight of coffee in the drum). It is harder to see the roasting coffee compared with the Gene Cafe, as you have to look through a lighted window and then through a screened roast drum to see the roasting coffee. Accordingly, this machine is best for the intermediate to advanced roaster who depends as much on the sound of the crack as on the color of the bean. The Behmor is quiet (like an electric rotisserie) and it is easy to hear the coffee crack as it roasts. It gets hot when roasting, and the steel top and sides become too hot to the touch.

18" long, 11" high, 13" deep. Uses 1630 watts when running. One year manufacturers warranty included. Click HERE for a manufacturers data sheet.


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by Keith
on 4/29/2020
from Southern California
Good roaster... needs a few refinements
Purchased this roaster in April 2020, and have had no problems with it in the first month of operation.  A few areas for improvement: The safety feature that makes the user stare at the countdown clock and press the "start" button in the final minutes of the roast... Adding an audible "beep" when the button-press is required would really be an improvement.  Also, the instructions of which pre-sets go with which types of coffee could be a little clearer.  I found that if I wanted to roast anything more than a half pound, I need to do it outside, due to our very sensitive smoke detectors in our home being set off by the machine.  Does fine at reducing smoke at the quarter and half pound roasts.  Rosetta Stone button is a great feature for helping newbies like me get a good roast without going too far into second crack.  First few roasts I mistook the machine's popping sounds (metal expansion) for first crack. Black and white instructions refer to colors in photos, which is frustrating.
by Daryl
on 11/4/2019
from Grapeview, Wa
"Nanny Controls" work as intended, Vincent.
Learn something about the Behmor, for cryin' out loud. Its (not it's) safety features are there to keep folks from BURNING DOWN THEIR HOUSE. As the manual repeatedly states, fire is a real hazard for the unattended roaster. It's (note correct usage) their way of limiting liability from morons who don't take the time to attend to their coffee. If you're not willing to take the time, maybe you should be drinking Folgers.
by Ben Goren
on 9/14/2019
from Tempe, AZ
Perfect for a newbie
I’m new to roasting. I can already tell that an experienced artisan roaster is going to feel restricted— mostly by the limited power settings (100% / 75% / 50% / 25%) in manual mode, but also by the lack of a bean temperature probe. Still, A few of the batches I’ve roasted in the first five pounds have been pretty good, so I know the machine is capable of producing good roasts. 

I would also recommend Scott Rao’s book on roasting if you’re new. It helped me immensely. 

I haven’t opened the bags of beans Williams included. By the labels, it’s a good selection— but very heavy on the Americas. It might be nice to balance that with some fruity African beans.

Highly recommended!
by Vincent
on 9/4/2019
from HI
"Nanny" Safety Controls are Ridiculous & Costly
I hate roasting coffee now. This is my 2nd behmor 1600 & after 2 months it has just ruined it’s 5th batch of expensive beans. The old machine had an annoying safety feature that prevented restarting, which was a problem when it faulted out in the middle of a roast, as it often did. This new machine still has that irritation but they’ve added a new “safety” feature that automatically sends the roaster into cooldown mode about 3/4 of the way through the roast if you fail to push the start button again. There’s no audible warning & unless you’re sitting there staring at the machine, you’re going to miss it. This invariably happens at the WORST possible time in the roast – right before 1st crack – and once the cooldown starts there’s no way to reverse it. At that point, you have a choice between a super-light roast (not even a city), trying to finish the batch (which bakes the coffee) or just throwing it away, which I have done with more than 4 lbs so far.
by William
on 9/1/2019
from McKinney
Great Roaster
Great home roaster!  I am enjoying the preset roasting profiles and the larger roasting capacity.  After reading the book "The Coffee Roaster's Companion" by Scott Rao, I tried following roasting profiles with my Fresh Roast SR500 and was pleased with the improvement of my roasts.  The preset roasting profile options in Behmor AB roaster give consistent great coffee with a little practice.  I also like that I can now roast inside the house without setting off the smoke detector. The only downside for me is the longer cleaning time of the roaster.
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Bitter Donald
1/3/2018 3:33:49 PM
Could this be used to roast home malted grains?
It could, but there would be a risk of the grain catching on fire, so we do not recommend this.
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