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This is Alcotec's most active yeast, and consists of distillers yeast mixed with a lot of nutrients and vitamins (this pack weighs 3 ounces). This will ferment 6 gallons to 16% alcohol or higher in 48 hours, by just mixing this with 13 pounds of sugar in 6 gallons. The pack also claims you can get 20% alcohol content by mixing this with 17 pounds of sugar and waiting 5 days.

Used to make as a high an alcohol level, as quickly as possible, without resorting to illegal distilling.

The difference between this and Alcotec 24 hour is the amount of nutrients - this has about half the amount of the more vigorous 24 hour yeast.


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by Jeff
on 3/16/2016
from Prescott valley
Very active
This was a very fast acting yeast. Within ten minutes it was rolling hard. Listen to the instructions though, and don't use an airlock. It makes more pressure than an airlock can release. Mine looked like a volcano out the top of the airlock until I removed it.
by Ryan
on 2/10/2015
from Soulsbyville
Turbo 48
So, out of curiosity I ordered two packages of the Alcotec Turbo 48 Yeast. I had a glut of honey sitting around from various mead projects and decided that I would see how it worked on a honey fermentation. The results.....not good. My Starting gravity was well above 1.100 (in fact it was off the scale of my hydrometer and I got mixed results with my refractometer) regardless, there was plenty of sugar! The first pitch was at 90* F and the must was well aerated. After 24 hours there was no sign of fermentation. My first thought was too high a temp. to pitch the yeast. The next day I used a heating blanket to bring the temp. back up to about 80* F and pitched the other package of Turbo 48 in the form of a healthy 1600ml starter that showed good fermentation after an hour on the stir plate. Pitched the second batch. 24 hours later, no fermentation. Stick to using this on plain sugar. racked off of tru'b, re-pitched with Premier Cuvee'. Already working after 4 hours. Go figure. 
by Jeremy
on 4/4/2014
from Merced
Turbo yeast???
if you are Not going to distill the final product..I must ask WHY? bother..
by Simon
on 7/4/2013
from San Francisco
Turbo ?
I mixed 16lb of sugar to 5 gal water in a carboy it took off right away Starting gravity 1.130 ending gravity 0.999 Alcohol about 18% it took 7 days at 78 degrees it came out a milky white with strong yeast odor taste hot from the alcohol Then I ran it through a Brita filter but did not clear Needs some help to clear maybe Betonies (clay) or sparkolloid (kelp) or Biofine It may also need something to stop the yeast growth This needs to mixed with juice or something it is too hot to just drink I am putting it in bottles with push corks incase it wants to blow All said it was a fun experience and will keep working on it CHEERS
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